MEATMarket, Covent Garden

As I mentioned my friend Rob was in town taking part in a TV presenting course at the Actors Centre near Seven Dials and we’d agreed to meet for dinner. I had a few suggestions up my sleeve so when he said “No sushi, I had that at lunch and I’m starving” I knew just the place; MeatMarket.


I have heard so many things about the Meat chain of restaurants and kept forgetting about this little gem tucked in behind Covent Garden. I think it’s because it’s tucked away upstairs above the market itself.



This isn’t a place for fine dining. It’s a place for stuffing your face with some of the most inventive burgers around. Just check out the menu!


It’s pretty awesome right? I kind of wanted a hot dog but who goes to a burger place and orders a hot dog?! I’ll save that for Bubbledogs whenever I get round to going. I ended up having the mushroom swiss and a side portion of deep-fried mac n cheese because um who wouldn’t? I was tempted by the poppers but I never know how spicy those things will be.

When you order they take your name just like in Starbucks and shout it out when it’s ready for you to collect. Not the most sophisticated system but it works. For some reason despite him ordering before me my food came out first but that was a blessing in disguise as it meant I had time to take pictures of my food before we started chowing down.



The burger was a double patty beast that was just perfect for picking up and taking a massive bite of. No forks and knives here people just get stuck in however you can. Normally I like my burgers well done but MeatMarket cook theirs with a little bit of pink still in the middle unless you ask otherwise which is how I ended up having mine and it was delicious. One of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time.

The deep-fried mac n cheese was OK, nothing to write home about as was the brain freeze cocktail that I had to go with it. (They actually forgot about my drink and I had to go up and ask for it once I had my food.)


MeatMarket is a great place for a catchup with friends, it’s got a great buzz to it and were playing some excellent tunes when we were there. I wouldn’t recommend it as somewhere to take someone on a first date though!

Jubliee Market Hall
The Deck
Tavistock Street

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