Pacata, Covent Garden

I love going out to dinner with my friend Michael as he always lets me pick the restaurant from my ever-expanding list of ones I want to visit. So far I haven’t failed him and our latest trip to Pacata didn’t disappoint either!


Pacata describes itself as Asian fusion comfort food and the restaurant has a nice rustic feel to it with lots of wood and drinks that come in jars rather than glasses. I particularly liked the pinboard map of the world with hundreds of Polaroids pinned to it and the mismatched lights hanging from the ceilings.

We arrived at about 5:30pm so had the whole restaurant to ourselves and were seated in a little two person booth to the side. The menu is quite small but varied; burgers, noodles and pasta are all available but a little bit different from what you would expect.


Michael opted for the Thai curry burger; hand crafted beef patty, savoury cheddar cheese, with house-made Thai red curry sauce with sweet potato fries and said that the sauce gave it just the right amount of kick rather than being too spicy.


Whereas I went for the seared sea bass with green curry sauce, sautéed French beans, mushroom, tomato and jasmine rice. (Sorry for the poor quality photos, the lights might have been pretty to look at but they really weren’t great for photographs.) The fish was cooked beautifully and the vegetables went really well with it. I was also really glad that the sauce came in its own little jug as boy does it pack a punch. I barely used any of it and still chugged three glasses of water by the time I’d finished my plate.


Sadly the dessert menu was still under construction and the ice cream choices werent to my taste so we didn’t stay for pudding. The bill did arrive, rather excitingly, inside an old book which really added to the charm of the place. The prices are very reasonable for central London and the service was good. We were mainly left in peace to get on with chatting rather than being interrupted every five seconds to see if everything is OK like a lot of other places can be if they’re quiet. It’s definitely somewhere I would return to again and I’d recommend checking it out if you’re in the area and looking for something with a twist.

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