Pierino, South Kensington

My friend Rob was in town and we decided to check out the science museum which ended up being a complete waste of time as half of the exhibitions were closed or being rearranged. Luckily it wasn’t a wasted trip as we had a lovely meal at Pierino, a little Italian place just round the corner from South Kensington station.

Pierino South Kensington Outside.JPG

It’s small inside but we were quite early so managed to get out pick of tables. Before our food had even arrived though the place was full and buzzing with people so if you have your heart set on eating here I would suggest that you book a table in advance.

Pierino South Kensington Inside

We decided to skip starters and head straight to the mains. In an unusual twist I decided to have pasta over pizza. I don’t usually have pasta when I’m out as to me that’s a super quick dish that I cook at home when I’m short on time not something that I want to pay a lot of money for but the Pappardelle Machiavelli got me with two things – 1. They called the pasta princess pasta (yes, I’m a child) and 2. It came with smoked salmon which is one of my favourite things in the whole world.

Pierino Pappardelle Machiavelli Pasta

Rob went for a pizza of some description – I can’t remember what kind. Sorry. It looked like this:

Pierino Pizza

Pretty damn tasty looking huh?

Given how busy the place was and that everything is cooked right there at the front of the store (there doesn’t appear to be a separate kitchen) the food came out really quickly. The portion looked quite small when it arrived but it was actually really filling and from the first bite I was hooked. It was so creamy and delicious and the amount of smoked salmon was fairly generous. The only place I have ever had better pasta was Tentazioni. I genuinely still think about that pasta to this day.

The staff were nice and not overbearing although it did take us a while to get the bill when it was time to leave. Prices are reasonable especially for its location and I’d definitely recommend it for families who are in the area to check out the museums.

37 Thurloe Place

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