Plane Food, Heathrow – Terminal 5

The only thing I ever do at airports is eat. I don’t like shopping and I’m always way too early for my flight to head straight to the gate. I don’t tend to fly from Terminal 5 very often as its BA only so it was nice to see what options they had on offer. Plane Food was my first thought and then I wandered round the entire terminal talking to my mum on the phone before making my way back to where I started. Sometimes you should just go with your instincts!


And what an instinct it was my time at Plane Food was so nice I almost didn’t want to leave. Despite being in an airport environment it was able to block out most of the noise from the thousands of passengers in the terminal, there are some great views of the runway from the far side and the sofa style seats are super comfortable. Just what you need to relax before a flight.

The menu is small but varies with burgers, sea bass and butter chicken curry all gracing the menu. If I’d been feeling more human then I would definitely have opted for the latter as a good curry is my weakness but as I wasn’t 100% I went for the cured Italian meats and Nocellara olives and the waiter talked me into a side of macaroni and cheese – well not really he simply asked if I wanted any sides and I thought sod it why not.


Both dishes arrived really quickly and at the same time. I thought that the macaroni and cheese would have just been heated up but you could clearly see that it was straight out of the oven due to the bubbling on top and the dish it came in was piping hot. It was gooey and creamy and the cheese was super stringy, everything a good mac and cheese should be! The meats on the platter all complimented each other and the olives were some of the freshest I have ever eaten. I didn’t used to like olives but they’ve certainly grown on me in the last few years, perhaps my palette is getting more sophisticated the older I get. They were definitely the star of the show. I wolfed down everything and it was the first time in a couple of days that I actually came close to finishing everything in front of me.

The pricing is incredibly reasonable for the quality of the food given the location and the service was truly impeccable but I don’t really understand the need for a £1.50 per person cover charge to be added to the bill on top of the (discretionary) 12.5% service charge. If it really makes all that much difference put the price of the mains up by a quid each, they’d still be great value.

One thing I thought was absolutely fab about Plane Food too was the fact you can pick up a plane picnic if you’re in a hurry to catch your flight. For a mere £12.95 you can grab a starter, main and dessert which are all packed up for you in a wee picnic hamper that you can take on the plane and the choices are pretty impressive:


If I’d gone for this rather than the sit down option (which I very nearly did thanks to the dessert selection) I’d have gone for the antipasti, salami and buffalo mozzarella to start, Scottish smoked salmon with an apple, celery, walnut and rocket salad then the chocolate and pecan brownie for pudding. All of that for just £12.95 seems like an utter bargain and I’m almost hopeful that I have to fly from terminal 5 again soon just so that I can try it out!

Plane Food
Terminal 5
Heathrow Airport

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