Pop Up Ping Pong, Pop Up


Pop Up Ping Pong does exactly what it says on the tin and gives people the chance to play ping pong at various locations across London free of charge. At the same time they offer great food in the form of #BRGR sliders and a cheap (but limited) selection of drinks.

It was Sunday lunchtime when Matt and I decided to pop in and take a look and it was really quiet although there were a couple of guys playing on the table when we arrived. We ordered our burgers and drinks, grabbed a seat and watched them as the music was too loud to chat properly. (I can imagine the atmosphere being a lot more party like towards the end of the day with more people around.)


The table was soon freed up and I got my ass royally kicked however I managed to at least make it to double digit scores in both games so I was happy with that. The burgers had taken a while to arrive, I’d love to say that they were worth the wait but they were in fact pretty bog-standard made slightly better by their miniature size – does anyone else find that mini food tastes so much better than the regular sized stuff?


Unfortunately this is another pop up that I didn’t get the chance to visit until its last day and as such you can no longer visit in its Camden location however the PUPP team are constantly on the lookout for new locations to pop-up so be sure to like them on Facebook. I’ll also let you all know via my own page as and when they announce future dates and locations!

Pop Up Ping Pong
*Now Closed*

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