ShakeShack, Covent Garden

The ShakeShack is a lil old place where we can get together!

When FiveGuys opened their first store in the UK last Summer so did ShakeShack and it was the battle of the burgers for quite some time. Sadly it’s taken me until now to actually get around to visiting ShakeShack to give you my own personal taste test. If you remember I wasn’t too keen on the FiveGuys burger finding it lacking in something but not quite being able to put my finger on it.

IMG_6460No such fears with ShakeShack though. While the appearance may resemble that of a McDonalds cheeseburger the taste was far superior with a really well seasoned burger cooked to perfection and smothered in cheese. I also chose to have raw onions in mine as well, yum! Like Bleeker Street, ShakeShack also have their own special sauce which I opted not to have as I’m really not a fan of anything more than cheese on my burger. The crinkle cut chips were also really good which is always a surprise to me as I’m not a fan of chips in general.

As it was lunchtime I decided not to go for one of their signature milkshakes (which at around £5 each are a bit on the expensive side) and instead shared a large fresh lemonade which we both agreed was totally amazing. The rest of the prices seemed to be on par with other burger joints in London and this was definitely the best I’ve tasted since moving. I’ll no doubt have another taste when I return for that milkshake!

24 Market Building,
Covent Garden Piazza

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