Snowflake Gelato, Soho

After sweating profusely at the Simply Health hot pilates class I left the building to the same blistering sunshine that had been there when I entered I decided that the combination deserved a treat in the form of an ice-cream. It was too hot to head straight back on to the sweaty tube home and have some from my freezer so I took a leisurely stroll through Soho to Snowflake Gelato.

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You may remember me posting about Snowflake late last year when they celebrated the opening of their Wardour Street branch by giving away free gelato. The boutique is quite small but well laid out with some booths at the very back and along the right hand side of the space. The left hand side is taken up by the counter and its impressive array of flavours. (I believe there can be up to 50 flavours at any one time!)


As well as their standard luxury gelato flavours they also have sorbetto’s which are suitable for vegan and vegetarians and a guilt-free range which has no added sugar and well as being fat, dairy AND gluten-free! *phew* As if THAT wasn’t enough they also offer snowdrift sundaes, waffles, crepes, handmade cakes and truffles which can all be washed down with a wide variety of hot and cold drinks. Monmouth coffee, glass pots of tea, snowshakes, snow floats, granitas… you get the idea there’s something to please everyone regardless of the weather.


Tempted as I was by the mint & chocolate flavour the pink and purple flecks of colour in the chefs special had me intrigued and my suspicions were confirmed when the server advised me that the special flavour for the day was indeed rose. Anyone who knows me really well will know that rose and violet cremes are some of my favourite chocolates and I was gutted when Thorntons discontinued theirs many years ago. Thankfully Hotel Chocolat have taken up that mantle… anyway I digress. So a rose flavoured cone it was.

I perched myself up on a seat so I could be a good blogger and take some pictures before getting stuck in and making some (probably pretty inappropriate) noises of pleasure. This stuff is fricking amazing! Smooth and creamy and delicious. The flavour was not too overpowering. Some people think it tastes like soap (they’re wrong by the way) but the flavouring was so delicate, so perfect that I don’t think anyone could accuse it of being anything other than amazing – I may just be biased. The shop started to get a bit busier so I left and happily enjoyed myself eating the rest as I walked to the tube station in the sun.

I’ll definitely be going back (there’s a second branch in Bayswater too) and I’ve got my eye on one of those snowdrifts… I think the strawberries and cream one has my name written all over it!

Snowflake Gelato
102 Wardour Street

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