Streaky Gin, Kensington


Before going to see West Side Story at the Royal Albert Hall, Roxy and I were in desperate need for some sustenance. I don’t know why but the area around the museums isn’t exactly abundant in its choice of eateries (possibly the high cost of properties in the area) but after a five-minute walk in the rain we stumbled upon this little gem with is absolutely gorgeous decor.


What we didn’t know at the time is that Streaky Gin was very newly opened (mid-June and we visited the first weekend in July) and it’s not as tiny as it first appeared actually being spread over two floors not just the one we were seated in. This also accounts for the fact that service wasn’t exactly stellar and the menu was a bit on the short side.

They have an AM menu and a PM one also, as it was lunchtime we were given the PM menu which is a British/American fusion; think burgers, mac n cheese, nachos etc and you get the idea. Roxy settled on the burger whereas I went for one of my obsessions and the moment and ordered the fried chicken tacos. We also tried to order cocktails but were told that they weren’t doing them at that time without any further explanation given which was a bit odd. Nonetheless when the food arrived it looked good!


My tacos were amazing (even if I did keep dropping black beans down my front) and Roxy’s burger was so huge that she couldn’t quite finish it. Both were cooked really well and came with generous side portions particularly for the price. It’s just such a shame that the service brought it down a notch and I’m not sure if the waitresses hooters-esque outfits are all that appropriate either!

Streaky Gin
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