The Albion, Blackfriars Bridge

The Albion was somewhere we chose to eat at out of convenience rather than somewhere recommended to me or sought out as it was just across the bridge from the bar that Where’s My Rubber Chicken? was being held at. It was fairly busy but we managed to grab a table and sat down to peruse the menu. My friend and I agreed to share the Fish and Chip Shop Platter: beer battered haddock, mini steak and ale pie, beer battered sausage, mushy peas and hand cut chips with tartare sauce but my brain had made its own decision and ordered the Mini Pie Platter which consisted of two steak and ale, one chicken, ham and leek and one root veg pie served with hand cut chips and real ale chutney. Both platters were priced at £14.50 which if you’re willing to share is pretty good value!

albion pie 1 IMG_1705

My favourite by a mile was, surprisingly enough given that I don’t really like beef, the steak and ale pie which was stuffed with gorgeous thick gravy and chunks of meat. The chicken pie while nice was a little on the dry side in my opinion and the root veg one was just a little bland. The hand cut chips more than made up for these disappointments and even the chutney was quite nice made from red onions which are one of my favourite vegetables.

The Albion
2-3 New Bridge Street

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