The Diner, Covent Garden


After our epic afternoon of gaming we were in desperate need for sustenance and The Diner just happened to be right across the road from Forbidden Planet. I’ve lusted over The Diner’s menu for a while I mean just look at these choices?! (Click to embiggen.)

What I really wanted was the Buttermilk Fried Chicken but I knew I didn’t have the appetite for it. I also knew I had to try one of their famous shakes and went for classic vanilla to get me started.

IMG_6546A lovely thick, creamy, smooth and way too drinkable milkshake. I could probably have drunk about three of these before I started to feel sick! It helped to cool my mouth down as well when I discovered that the main I had chosen was a little bit on the spicy side: Diner Mexican Breakfast Pan. (with a side of biscuit because mmm… American biscuit!)

IMG_6547In case you can’t tell that’s chorizo, sautéed potatoes, baked eggs, onions, black beans, guacamole (everything is better with guac remember?), salsa, jalapenos (which I swiftly removed lol) & cheese with a tortilla wrap for dunking. The food was extremely good but the pan made eating it a bit of a nightmare so perhaps a separate plate to give a bit more room for maneuvering would be great. I’m drooling just thinking about it, this is totally something I should try recreating at home! My dining companions enjoyed theirs as well actually managing to clear their plates with Grant recommending the chilli cheese fries in particular.

My only real complaint would be the service which wasn’t that great. I mean we were more than happy to sit chatting with each other and weren’t in a hurry but a bit more attention would have been nice! I also disliked that the service charge was already added to the bill which I always find a bit insulting, especially since there were only three of us. I can fully understand why it’s necessary for larger groups but I don’t think that tipping should become expected in the same way that it is in the USA. I doubt that will stop be from visiting again and devouring some buttermilk chicken mind you…

The Diner
190 Shaftesbury Avenue

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