The Fable, Holborn

My friend Joanna was in town for London Super Comic Con at the weekend and as I’d taken the Friday off so that I could make sure that I was costume ready we decided to meet up for lunch. We had planned on going to St Paul’s when she first arrived but a memorial service scuppered that plan as it wasn’t open to the public until 2:30pm.


It wasn’t all a loss though as it meant that we could have a nice leisurely lunch at The Fable. The Fable is the most recent restaurant to be opened in the capital by Drake & Morgan who seem to specialise in theatrically themes from botanical and secret gardens to fairytales which is the chosen theme at The Fable. To be honest while it was very nice I found it a bit lacking and it could have used a little but more to give it that extra boost into something magical. That said when the food is this good who really cares about the surroundings?

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The hardest part was deciding what to have to drink! The cocktail menu here is huge with some really inventive names. I went for the Skinny Russian Rose Martini; Smirnoff Black vodka stirred with Kwai Feh lychee liqueur, ginger syrup & garnished with a rose petal which both sounded and looked amazing but sadly didn’t have the taste to match. It was very strong and left a bitter taste in my mouth afterwards so I was disappointed.


For main course I went for the special cod which if I remember correctly came with creamed leeks and mussels.


This was absolutely flavoursome and I enjoyed every bite. The cod was cooked to perfection flaking beautifully with a fork and the mussels really added to it. The sauce was incredible, not too thick and didn’t overpower the fish. I finished the entire plate along with half a portion of sweet potato fries – which came is a super cute flowerpot – as well.

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Undecided on what to have for pudding I went for the Mini pudding shots a smaller version of three of their most popular desserts; chocolate brownie, wagon wheel & Winterberry crumble. When they came out I was amazed at the size, these were no teeny tiny puddings but instead three sundae glasses with half-sized desserts.


I’m not a huge fan of hot fruit so tried the crumble first and really wasn’t enamoured with it. I’m not sure what kind of berries were used but they were quite bitter although the vanilla ice cream was the proper stuff made with pods and delish.

IMG_0260The Wagon Wheel was probably my favourite which is strange given how much I love chocolate and was looking forward to the brownie but more on that in a bit. The Wagon Wheel consisted of toasted meringue, raspberry sorbet, shortbread and chocolate sauce all of which worked really well together although I think I would have replaced the sorbet with a raspberry ripple ice cream. The toasted meringue was the highlight for me it was squishy like marshmallow and very sweet. An all round winner for this one and my recommendation of the three.


The final pudding was the chocolate brownie which came with another scoop of the delicious ice cream but sadly the brownie itself tasted burnt even though it looked fine and was overly bitter so I didn’t enjoy it much.


The service unfortunately wasn’t great for us. We asked for tap water which never arrived we waited almost half an hour for our second round of drinks (which weren’t even cocktails) then we had to wait an age for the bill too. I think we were an anomaly though as there were plenty of groups who were there for lunch who were in and out before we were so maybe we were just unlucky. The whole thing came to just over £80 including tip for the two of us which was quite reasonable and I didn’t have to eat anything else for the rest of the day I was so full!

The Fable
52 Holborn Viaduct

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