The Queen of Hoxton – Rooftop Bar

After a long walk around Victoria Park with my friend Rob on a gloriously sunny day in London we still had a few hours to kill before heading to the screening of the short film he was an extra in (see my next post scheduled for later today!) and figured it was as good a time as any to check out The Queen of Hoxton’s rooftop bar.

hoxton bar

It was a bit further away than we thought and our feet were exhausted by the time we climbed however many sets of steps it took to get to the roof but it was definitely worth it, the views were amazing and it was already pretty busy adding to the summer vibe we had going on. The queue was long but we waited patiently for our drinks and also ordered some food as we’d worked up quite an appetite.

hoxton food

Rob had the burger while I went for the salmon (which was meant to come in a bun but oh well) and it was delicious with that smoky barbecue taste to it. They were £7 for each including two sides. Disappointingly they were out of the cocktails they were advertising but I washed it down with a nice crisp pear cider. We managed to grab a seat at one of the few tables to enjoy our food and rest out feet (score!) and it turned out that we had actually timed our arrival pretty perfectly as the queue never subsided the whole time we were there and by the time we left it was hard to make our way back towards the exit.

IMG_1796 IMG_1795

I’d love to go back on a sunny afternoon to just chill out and relax but alas the sun seems to have left us and I have a second job interview on Monday so *fingers crossed* I’ll be back in the land of the working people very soon! They also take part in the Rooftop cinema club which I REALLY want to go to at some point as well, it’s just finding the right date, location and movie!

Queen of Hoxton
1 Curtain Road

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