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The Brunch Diaries: Truc Vert, Mayfair

Last Sunday (as in not yesterday, the one before that) I met my friend Connie for Sunday brunch at Truc Vert courtesy of those lovely folks at Zomato. Tucked away in Mayfair just off of Oxford Street it was not somewhere I had heard of before.

Given it was a sunny day we decided to eat outside but I did grab a few sneaky snaps of the inside for you guys when I nipped to the loo shortly before leaving. It’s very rustic and bare but while the inside it was as quiet as a mouse the tables outside were kept in constant rotation with diners.

IMG_5692 IMG_5694

While it was semi busy that did not excuse the rather poor service we received during our visit. It took over 15 minutes to even be given menus while other tables who were seated after us were given them immediately. The small cheese and charcuterie board that we ordered to share as a starter came at the same time as the rest of the food so there was no room for everything on the table and at no point were we asked if everything was OK or if we would like any further drinks or dessert.


With the negatives out-of-the-way here’s the positive. The food was fantastic! The mixed platter that we ordered was heaped with four different cheeses, three meats, three types of bread (not pictured) and chutney. Far more food than we expected for a mere £7.95. Of course with our hot mains already at the table we tucked into those first and had the cheese as an almost dessert.


To eat I went for the grilled Toulouse sausages with bubble & squeak, french beans and red wine jus. Two fat juicy sausages split in two piled on top of a large helping of bubble & squeak drizzled with a thick gravy. The sausages were well cooked, the mash smooth with the added crunch of grated carrots and cabbage throughout and I couldn’t even complain about a lack of gravy.


Connie on the other hand went for the steak & frites which came with a béarnaise sauce which she enjoyed. The chips were more thick cut than frites but the steak was cooked to her liking and there was plenty sauce for her as well.

Another slight annoyance was the number of homeless people/beggars who would come up and ask us for money which of course makes you feel very guilty about the meal you are about to indulge in. There were a total of three of them during our visit and while this is not a fault of the restaurant I would recommend that you pick a table indoors instead of out if given the chance for this reason.

Truc Vert
*Now closed*

*I was a guest at Truc Vert courtesy of Zomato.
All opinions are my own & have not been influenced by this in any way.

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