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The Brunch Diaries: VQ, Bloomsbury

Last week an old school friend was in town for a project management course so we met up for dinner the night she arrived in town. Her hotel was near the British Museum, an area I don’t know very well so we met at the front of the museum and headed towards Oxford Street in an attempt to find somewhere with good food and an atmosphere that induced a good natter as well. Luckily we stumbled across the Bloomsbury branch of VQ, a 24 hour cafe serving brunch options and quick meals to munch on. We managed to snag the last booth in the place and settled down with a cocktail to peruse the menu.


It took us a while to order (we hadn’t seen each other in over a month and she’s currently planning her wedding so there was a lot to discuss!) but eventually I settled on the kedgeree. Now I’ve never had kedgeree before but any time I’ve seen pictures it looked delicious; a spicy rice dish with smoked haddock and a lovely runny poached egg, what’s not to like. When it arrived though it wasn’t quite what I expected. It was very thick and yellow and a lot creamier than I was anticipating. Pictures I’ve seen before have always looked like it was quite a dry dish but this was very smooth and about half way through the dish I did start to feel a little sick. It was one of those times I really wish they had pictures of each dish on the menu as I would have ordered something else had I known.

IMG_5154 It wasn’t all bad though as it meant there was still room for dessert and what a dessert it was! I present to you, the VQ knickerbocker glory:


Vanilla and chocolate ice-cream, honeycomb, smarties and chocolate sauce, this badboy was a chocolate lovers dream, even the waiter was jealous of us and more than made up for the disappointing main.

Prices at VQ are incredibly reasonable with a 2-course meal plus two drinks per person coming to just £29 each! We were there for a couple of hours and didn’t feel rushed at all which is always nice. It’s a great little location to keep in mind for those 3am munchies or hungover early mornings. VQ also have a branch in Chelsea.

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