A Zomato-Meetup at Lima Floral, Covent Garden

I am not a morning person. Ask literally anyone I know, my flatmate, my mum, my ex-boyfriends. They’ll all tell you the same thing. But I’d been invited to a few of Zomato’s meetups and not been able to make a single one of them so I figured I really should make the effort – and anyway, I’d been wanting to check out Lima Floral for a while. It also meant I finally had the pleasure of meet Aftab!

Lima Floral Zomato Meetup MenuI was actually very impressed with myself that I was there on time for the 7:30am start but let’s be honest food really is the way to this girl’s heart! And what a spread they had prepared for us. Three courses of breakfast? We were totally spoiled. First up was the Andean Cereal Porridge made from quinoa. Lima Floral Zomato Quinoa Porridge

I’d only recently tried normal porridge for the first time and wasn’t a fan but this wasn’t half bad. I think the sweetness of the chanacaca syrup really helped bring out the wonderful flavours but the texture wasn’t my favourite.

Lima Floral Zomato BuffetNext we were told to help ourselves to the small buffet of yoghurt with various toppings, fresh fruits, pastries with jams and even a gorgeous cinnamon loaf. Not wanting to overload myself I had a small bowl of fruit with cow’s milk yoghurt with chia seeds, a croissant and a small taste of the loaf. The croissant was just that perfect blend of flaky and doughy and of course I covered it in a half ton of butter, oops. This was super tasty and definitely the option to go for if you’re watching your waistline – or like me, having a three course breakfast haha.   Lime Floral Zomato Buffet Selection

Finally it was time for our main which we were able to order from a small selection of dishes. Given that Lima Floral is a Peruvian restaurant I really should have gone with the Peruvian Breakfast Club Sandwich but I’m sorry when I see the words poached eggs and avocado my mouth just starts to drool and I can’t help myself. I jazzed these up with a side of crispy bacon though. Lima Floral Zomato Poached EggsLima Floral Zomato Egg Yolk

The pepper jam gave these eggs a bit of a kick which woke me up nicely before having to head in to the office. For someone who usually skips breakfast (I know, I know I’m terrible) it was a real treat made even better by being able to natter to some fellow bloggers too.

Thanks you so much to Lima Floral and Zomato for hosting us – I hope to return soon to see what delights your regular menu holds.

Lima Floral
14 Garrick St

*I was a guest at Lima Floral courtesy of Zomato.
All opinions are my own & have not been influenced by this in any way.

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