Afternoon Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Time: Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea at the Amba Hotel

We have a new entry to our top three afternoon teas in London although Jen and I can’t agree if it’s number two or three on the list. Regardless it’s accurate to say that our most recent adventure was a good un so grab a cuppa and listen up!


This was another voucher deal so we paid half the regular price and weren’t expecting this to be as good as some of our more recent teas. We’ve definitely discovered during our adventures that in most cases you actually do get what you pay for. In this case, we got much, much more.


We were seated in the front section of The Terrace restaurant. With its full length windows (you can see them in the top picture, it had a magnificent view out over The Strand) the area was light and bright which made it all the more welcoming. I was absolutely delighted with the adorable crockery that adorned the tables and while each set matched itself they were all different.


A lurid blue cocktail was served to us in a champagne glass and while I’m not certain what was in it, I can confirm that it was delicious and light. The waitress then took our tea orders and asked if there were any dietary requirements to which Jen advised that she did not eat pork and the woman immediately suggested that she choose one of the other savouries to have two of. Sadly when the tea arrived they seemed to have forgotten this request but the fact that they asked and were so flexible impressed me greatly.


The usual three tiers of goodies starting with savouries on the bottom (egg, ham, cheese and pickle finger sandwiches along with smoked salmon on buns), teeny tiny sultana (yuck) scones and some delicious sweet treats arrived and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in! (Taking some pictures first of course.)


I didn’t take pictures of the sandwiches. I’m not sure why but let’s be honest, you’re only really interested in the sweet stuff right? I did actually try one of the scones (picking out the sultanas) and it was actually a very lovely scone – light, fluffy and a perfect size too. Sometimes two large scones is just too much when you have cakes to eat too.


The cakes, of course, all had an Alice in Wonderland theme – to go with the Drink Me cocktail there was an Eat Me cake which was an airy sponge covered in a layer of fondant a bit like a french fancy but without the cream. It was sweet but not overly so, although I didn’t think the chocolate icing writing quite went with the rest.


One of the queens jam tarts of course which were indeed fit for a queen with the perfect ratio of pastry to jam.


And a chocolate cookie sandwich shaped like the Mad Hatter’s hat. This was my least favourite of them all because it was quite heavy but probably also because we were quite full by this point.

The ambience at the Amba was lovely, there were several birthdays taking place while we were there and staff provided a surprise cake with candle, round of Happy Birthday and big cheesy grins. They really seemed as though they wanted to ensure that everyone had an exceptional time which let’s face it afternoon tea always should be.

3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea Time: Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea at the Amba Hotel

  1. Yum that tea looked scrummy ! My friend and I love afternoon tea and we also use vouchers,the blue cocktail did look slightly out of place but then again it may have been fitting because of the theme, X Dawn

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