Afternoon Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Time: Festive Afternoon Tea at Lanes of London

It’s almost the end of the year and that means we’re coming to the end of our monthly afternoon tea fun! Our favourite outings this year have definitely been the themed ones like the science museum tea at the Ampersand Hotel and the Alice in Wonderland one at the Amba Charing Cross so with Christmas just around the corner we decided to go for a festive themed tea and I just so happened to spot a deal on Living Social for Lanes of London that was perfect for us.

Lanes of London Festive Entrance

Now you may remember that I’ve been to Lanes of London once before with my friend Grant using a voucher deal once before so I knew the sort of vibe to expect, I just had to hope that the food would live up to expectations too.

Lanes of London upside down Christmas Tree

Lanes has of course been given a festive makeover and we were greeted by this gorgeous upside down tree upon entering the restaurant which I absolutely loved. After a few piccies we took our seats and presented with a tea menu as well as being asked if there were any allergies or dislikes. I’ve noticed that this has started to become more and more common which is a really nice touch and the waitress was more than happy to swap out Jen’s ham sandwich for a second salmon one instead.

Lanes of London interior

First of all we were given a gin based cocktail to share between us served in a cast iron teapot which was much heavier than it looked. I can’t remember what else was in it but it was delicious and an unexpected bonus as the voucher hadn’t mentioned anything about it being included.

Lanes of London Afternoon Tea Cocktail

The sandwiches were served to us first on a wooden board each and were mostly the usual standard afternoon tea fare; cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese and egg mayo but there was also a delicious hot honey-glazed ham and melted cheese on a poppy seed bun which particularly stood out to me.

Lanes of London Festive Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

When we were about half way through however the rest of the tea arrived on a traditional three tiered stand holding the warm scones and desserts. There was also the added bonus of a couple of slices of stollen which was something I’d never had before. It wasn’t bad to be honest, the best way I can describe it was very festive tasting and it clearly had several different spices mixed through it. I didn’t finish it though as I wanted to save myself for the sweets of course!

Lanes of London Festive Afternoon Tea Sweets

Visually these desserts were very appealing but it was disappointing to see that there wasn’t two of everything. Although there were two christmas trees they were both very different flavours with one being almond and chocolate brownie (which I had) and the other chocolate and pistachio
(which was Jen’s). There was also only one marzipan present but this wasn’t very nice so that wasn’t too much of an issue and it was easy enough to cut in half.

Lanes of London Afternoon Tea Sweet Treats

The best sweet treat was the super cute macaroon snowman:
Lanes of London Festive Afternoon Tea Snowman

Looking at the menu this was supposed to be passionfruit and white chocolate but those are two of my favourite flavours and neither of them stood out to me (apart from the white chocolate that is the snowmans head of course) definitely style over substance. We were also of course served scones but for some reason I didn’t take a picture of them. They were OK, nothing particularly memorable though.

The festive afternoon tea costs £39 per person which is possibly a tad higher than I would say it’s worth so I’m glad that we got it on a deal! Next year Jen and I are planning to do monthly brunches as we’ve been getting a bit afternoon tea’d out but I’m sure I’ll still be indulging in them sporadically in 2016.

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