Afternoon Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Time: Millennium Hotel, Mayfair

As I mentioned in my latest The Weekend post my friend Jen and I have made a new years resolution of sorts to go for afternoon tea once a month. We’re (sadly) not rich so we’re making the most of the best daily deals that we see online. For our first venture we went to the Millennium hotel in Mayfair where we indulged in their Mayfair celebration afternoon tea for two with champagne which is usually £39.95 per person for just £39.00 thanks to Amazon Local. Bargain.


We’d already had quite a bit to drink before we got to the hotel but hopefully that didn’t show too much as the took our coats and showed us to our seats. The dining area was lovely very light and bright despite the dull, grey day outside. We were given our glasses of champagne straight away and asked to select our teas. They came out with one of those little multiple egg timer things so that you know when your particular type of tea is brewed correctly. I’ll be perfectly honest, I can’t remember what kind of tea I picked, probably earl grey. Whatever it was was delicious. Although not as good as the champagne!


Then the star of the show arrived; the food! And I have to say I was rather disappointed. Everything just seemed to be distinctly average. The sandwiches were your traditional smoked salmon, cucumber, egg mayo and chicken mayo and were perfectly yummy if nothing to write home about.


The scones were my favourite part (Jen is the perfect afternoon tea partner as she likes fruit scones whereas I prefer plain ones so there’s never any arguing about who has what) they sliced open beautifully without crumbling were still lovely and warm and there was plenty of jam, cream and lemon curd to go round. Excellent. Unlike the sweet choices.


There was only one of each thing which meant we either had to fight it out as to who had what or share (we shared obvs). There weren’t any chocolate based item (despite the fact that other tables had what looked like a delicious chocolate brownie) and nothing particularly won me over. There was a mini fruit tart which was jut OK, a weird banoffee apple concoction which I didn’t like the texture of and a slice of some kind of fruit filled pastry – all pretty boring choices in my opinion.

The mini crème brûlée was quite exciting for me as it’s not something I’ve ever tried before not being sure if I would like it or not – it was perfectly nice but not my kind of pudding so not something I’ll be ordering again. The star of the sweets for me though was the lemon curd served in a shot glass, it was the perfect slightly sweet sour taste that left your mouth feeling refreshed.


All that said the service was impeccable, the waitress even offered to take our picture which was wonderful, the atmosphere was lovely and the price we paid it was value for money but I would definitely have been left disappointed had we paid the full price for what we received. As we left I couldn’t resist grabbing a quick pic with this guy we found hanging out in the lobby.


We’ve already booked in for our next tea which will be at The Colonnade in Little Venice at the end of this month and I’m already looking forward to it!

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