Afternoon Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Time: Number Twelve

Now I’m going to start this post with a wee disclaimer and say that when Jen and I went for this month’s afternoon tea it was blooming hot outside. Despite the fact that the temperature had finally dropped below 25 degrees we were just as hot and sticky as we had been all week when the temperatures hit a whopping 35° so it’s distinctly possible that this had something to do with the fact that I really wasn’t that keen on this afternoon tea at all and would rate it my least favourite so far.


There is a small terrace out front of Number 12 but it was genuinely too hot to sit outside and wasn’t particularly shaded so we were pretty happy when we were seated inside. Our deal this time round was afternoon tea for two including a glass of pimms each but I was pleasantly surprised to be given the option between pimms and prosecco because to be honest I’m not a huge fan of pimms.


Out afternoon tea platter arrived looking exactly as an afternoon tea platter should with a nice selection of cakes and scones, a separate plate of sandwiches and at least two of everything.

IMG_4056 IMG_4058

The sandwiches were a little different with pickled cucumber sherry vinegar and black pepper and salt beef, English mustard and watercress among their number but they were all incredibly bland. Even the smoked salmon number which is usually my favourite.


The scones were the best part although not warm. There was a choice of strawberry or raspberry jam and plenty of clotted cream to keep us both happy but this was flagging slightly in the heat of the day.


Sadly the cakes weren’t explained to us by the staff so I’m not completely certain as to what was on offer but there was a mini fruit tart who’s filling was suffering from the same fate as the clotted cream, a slice of fruit cake (blergh), a madeleine and a square of cake that tasted pretty good but we’re still not entirely sure what it was! There honestly isn’t really anything positive I can think to say about these cakes, they were below average in quality and very disappointing.

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