Afternoon Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Time: Patisserie Party at Le Méridien, Piccadilly

Day four of Afternoon Tea week and I’m sharing with you my most recent tea adventure The Patisserie Party at Le Méridien. This was an Amazon Local deal that I spotted while browsing the deal sites as I frequently do and what struck me most about this deal was the fact that it proclaimed you could indulge in unlimited cake! Yes, you read that correctly. Unlimited.


I bought the voucher and booked in for the tea but didn’t really think much about it again until the day before when I decided to take a look at the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, my eyes about popped out of my head. The cakes looked incredible and there was a table laden full of them, they couldn’t possibly look that good in real life could they? Well actually… they were better.

The Oak Room Lounge in which the patisserie party is held is luxurious and girlie making it the perfect spot for anniversaries, hen parties or even your little princesses party.  We were given prosecco in bowl champagne glasses rather than flutes and served tea in wonderful glass pots and cups.


Then a small cake plate of sandwiches and scones was placed in front of us and I was a little disappointed that there only seemed to be one of each kind. We cut each of them in half so that we could each try them all and while they were nice we could probably have done with some more. (It’s worth noting that I believe the ladies at the table next to us were presented with another round so it could be that more are available if only you ask but to be honest, with so many cakes in our sight it was probably a good thing that we didn’t overstuff ourselves.)


The scones were actually incredibly good but I decided to stick with just one so that I could sample as many of the cakes on offer as I could. All in the name of this blog of course 😉

There was a beautiful vanilla & mixed berries naked cake, chocolate fudge cake, macarons and lemon prosecco mousses.


Cake pop, rocky road and (destroyer of my dreams) coffee cheesecake (I mistook it for chocolate, I can’t stand coffee!)

And the piece de resistance; a multi-layered rainbow cake covered in pink icing.

IMG_4508 IMG_4517

I tried to show restraint but there was too much and I returned to the table with a plate overflowing with goodies. Everything (except that coffee cake) was delicious but incredibly sweet and it soon became clear that my eyes had been far too big for my belly.


We took a break to have a giggle with the large table of ladies behind us who were taking it in turns to pose with the Marie Antoinette wigs that were available to wear while posing with some of the props provided on our own table.

The atmosphere in the Oak Room Lounge is wonderful; not too laid back but not overly fussy either and I felt very much at home. I would definitely recommend it but only for those with an extremely sweet tooth!

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea Time: Patisserie Party at Le Méridien, Piccadilly

  1. Unlimited cake. Unlimited.

    Only one hotel has previously made this mistake with me in the past. Looks like I need to do this again. As soon as my stomach is feeling a little better.

    UNLIMITED CAKE. I can’t stop saying it, it’s so magical!

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