Afternoon Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Time: The Colonnade, Little Venice

Jen and mines second afternoon tea took place at The Colonnade hotel in Little Venice thanks to another voucher deal! The Colonnade is just a stones throw from Warwick Avenue underground station so it’s really easy to get to but the hotel itself wasn’t that easy to find as the only sign showing the hotels name was on the side of the building which couldn’t be seen until you were round the corner.



It’s a beautiful old building which actually started as two Victorian residences before being combined into one. The decor is very traditional and a little fussy for my tastes but is perfect for those looking for that authentic atmosphere. It’s actually one of the hotels I featured in my Heavenly Hotels series a while ago.


We were seated and after e-mailing our voucher to the e-mail address we were given (it had said that we could just show the voucher from within the app but obviously the venue didn’t get this memo!) we were presented with our glasses of champagne and asked if we wanted tea or coffee.

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure if the champagne was really champagne or if it was prosecco but it was light and refreshing nonetheless. The tea on the other hand was a disappointment. Sure it came in a pot big enough for three large cups of tea but it was made with a teabag rather than loose leaf which isn’t good enough for a tradition such as afternoon tea.


Our tier arrived and upon first glance I was impressed – three different kinds of sandwiches; ham and cheese, cucumber and cream cheese and egg mayonnaise. Pretty standard fare. There was only one scone each which according to the menu should have been plain but mine had at least one raisin in it so who knows which kind it actually was meant to be and a selection of sweet treats which I was happy to see came in pairs. None of this sharing malarkey this time round.


The scone was OK but the delicious strawberry jam by Wilkin & Sons Ltd that came with it more than made up for its averageness. The cakes were much better than those of our previous tea, there was chocolate for one thing! What I thought was a cube of jelly was actually a teeny trifle which was lovely, the carrot cake was nice but not enough cream cheese frosting for our liking, the chocolate on the mini eclair was very dark and bitter leaving just the macaron and chocolate brownie to impress. They were OK, nothing spectacular but definitely better than the previous teas choices!


The restaurant is in the basement and much more modern than the rest of the hotel. That said the decor is a bit minimalistic and plain so don’t expect anything fancy. The atmosphere certainly wasn’t as good as the dedicated area of the Millennium.

There were a number of other couples there for afternoon tea also and it seemed like all of us had a voucher of some kind! One of the best things about it was that, thanks to the large skylight it was nice and bright which made taking pictures a lot better than in some places.

As is becoming a bit of a tradition it seems I had to have a pic with this guy we found in the reception area as we were leaving!


The full price for this afternoon tea is £32 per person which I think is far too much for the experience but our price of £27 for two people was probably just about right so if you can get a similar deal it’s worth going for otherwise there are far better places to go for your money.

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  1. More and more restaurants now are using tea bags for afternoon tea and I am with you it should be loose tea. Whilst this looks nice I am not sure if you were paying the full amount you would be that pleased with the size Lucy x

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