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Another recent competition win was two tickets to the special TimeOut London launch night of this year’s Dalston Street Feast! I’ve been wanting to go to one of these for a very long time so I was very pleased indeed. I invited fellow blogger Charlotte along as we’d been meaning to meet up after our Monopoly shenanigans so this was the perfect opportunity.


Charlotte was far more prepared than I was wearing a nice loose-fitting dress versus my rather tight as they’d just been washed skinny jeans – oops! We met at Dalston Junction station at 7pm and wandered round the corner to the yard. We got a little bit lost but got their eventually! After having our tickets checked and getting a stamp we were given a little card that would give us a free bottle of beer and a tequila slush each. Now I don’t drink beer and Charlotte isn’t a fan of tequila so we swapped and had two of what we liked rather than one of each. Perfect!

IMG_1760 IMG_1770

What was also great was that we seemed to have the same taste in food so after we did a quick sweep of the vendors on offer we had an idea of what we wanted to try and had already made a conscious decision to save room for doughnuts for dessert!

IMG_1765 IMG_1763

We started with Shambol Shiok which suckered us in with promises of chicken satay sliders and ordered one each. These were absolutely amazing if a little bit messy to eat. The brioche bun held its own against the delicious satay sauce and the chicken was cooked to perfection. Definitely my favourite of the night and something I’d happily eat over and over again.

IMG_1774 IMG_1776

Next up was Rola Wala who were serving up mini naan breads with different toppings. They had a special offer where you could have all three of them for just £10 so we went for that and just split all of them. There was chicken tikka, pork roast and paneer dal. They were all really nice and I liked how the naan was crispy rather than soft like I’m used but my favourite was definitely the chicken. It had mango chutney on it which really kicked it up a notch.

IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1782

I’d heard plenty good things about Le Bun so I was excited to try them and we sampled both their Le Duck Frites; pulled confit duck in a bun with champagne slaw and the Truffles n Waffles; buttermilk fried chicken in a waffle with maple syrup. There was a LOT of buttermilk fried chicken on offer between all the stalls and I’m really tempted to go back to have a buttermilk-off to see which is the best because I love it so much.

Anyway both of these were really good with the waffle having that great mix of savoury and sweet that works so well at time but I did prefer the duck as it simply melted in your mouth as you ate it.


We took a bathroom break, grabbed another drink and debated whether to try anything else. We had just settled on splitting a lobster bun from B.O.B. when we saw that they were a whopping £14 each. Instead I grabbed a bata fish taco from Breddos Tacos as I have always heard good things about the. Charlotte decided to give it a miss and she was probably right to do so as this was my least favourite of all the dishes I had tried throughout the night. It was very disappointing and just a bit bland.


The end of the night was however saved by the magnificent You Doughnut who I’ve thought about pretty consistently over the past week. Mini doughnut balls with your choice of sugar (cinnamon or vanilla), sauce (salted caramel or strawberry lime), topping (chopped hazelnuts, mini marshmallows, sprinkles or pistachios) and an optional side of ice cream. Given that we have similar tastes we made very similar choices and blooming amazing choices they were. The salted caramel sauce is quite possibly the best thing I have ever tasted and everything combined was just heaven in a paper cup. The perfect end to a perfect evening!

It can get quite pricey if you want to try loads of stuff but if you can take along some friends and split the cost it’s very affordable. Street Feast will be in Dalston Yard every Friday and Saturday between now and 26th September and I thoroughly recommend you check it out. I plan on heading back at least once more or possibly to the sister event Model Market in Lewisham as there are so many other traders (and buttermilk fried chicken strips) to try out!

P.S. You can check out Charlotte’s post of the night here.

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