Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar, The O2


In the need of somewhere close by to my flat to eat when Matt came to visit prior to seeing Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing we headed to the O2 and after much deliberation decided to give Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar all-you-can-eat a try. For just £9.99 you can help yourself to many Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian and American dishes.


The decor going up to the restaurant was really fascinating which was good as we had quite a wait to get a table despite it being mid-afternoon. This seemed strange once we were seated as there were a LOT of empty tables in the expansive restaurant. It was also strange that, after ordering our drinks, we were asked to pay in advance for our meal. I assumed that this was to help get people in and out as quickly as possible but I saw other people asking for the bill and paying once they were done so it was very odd indeed.

IMG_2128 IMG_2129

Anyway we went to grab some food while the waitress put our drinks order in at the bar. There wasn’t a whole lot to choose from in the mains section and what there was didn’t seem to have much left but what I did like about Jimmy’s were the Live Stations where you could have certain foods made to order including fajitas and pasta. Unfortunately because it was so busy these were packed and I was too hungry to be bothered waiting.

IMG_2140 IMG_2139

Back at our table our drinks still hadn’t arrived before we’d finished our first plateful nor even by the time we’d cleared our plates. In the end after getting a second plate of munchies I had to ask a passing waiter about them. I’d gone for the alcohol free Kiwi Freeze made from cranberry juice and Kiwi syrup over ice topped up with lemonade. It was the best part of the meal for me.


There’s always room for dessert but there wasn’t a huge choice to choose from we did indulge in the ice-cream teppanyaki station though and of course the chocolate fountain!


chocfountOverall the food wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. The restaurant seems to seat too many people for the size of the buffet area and the number of staff – if there’s one thing I learned when I worked in catering it’s that hungry people don’t want to be kept waiting!! I probably won’t be eating here again.

Jimmy’s World Grill  & Bar
Millennium Way
SE10 0DX

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