Kerbisher & Malt, Hammersmith

Whenever I’m asked by friends where to eat in a particular area of London I always open up the Zomato app and check out what places I have bookmarked in the area however when my friend Stephen and Vee suggested we meet for a quick bite to eat in Hammersmith before they went to see Nashville in concert I was surprised to see that I had none!

Not to be defeated I had a quick scroll through the whole list for the area (excluding chain restaurants) and came across two potential contenders.  A Japanese restaurant called Suzu and a fish and chip place by the name of Kerbisher & Malt. We settled on the former but I stupidly didn’t pay attention to the opening times and when we got there we were too early. It didn’t open until 6pm! So off we toddled back along the road and around the corner and found the most instagrammable little shop.
Kerbisher and Malt
Welcome to Kerbisher & Malt.

Inside is clean and bright with a minimalistic look but with little touches, like the menu engraved in the tiles, that also make it that little bit more special. It’s not a huge place and most of the tables were taken when we arrived but we were able to squeeze ourselves on to the end of the long sharing table.

Kerbisher and Malt Interior 1

I’d hoped to have a decent fish and chips when I’d been at home the previous weekend but hadn’t been able to fit it in around all the other home comforts I’d stuffed myself and so went straight for the cod and chips as my dish. I was really happy to see that they do smaller portions of two different kinds of fish which is perfect for those of us with smaller appetites. That said I wouldn’t exactly call the portion I received small anyway – check it out, the plate was absolutely loaded with chips and I couldn’t finish them all. (I also ordered a round of bread and butter to go with it because what else do you do?)
Kerbisher and Malt Fish n chips2
Kerbisher and Malt Fish n chips 1

I chose the sweet chilli dipping sauce to go with it which I believe was homemade and delicious – nothing like what you get in bottles at the supermarket and far better for it. But of course the star of the show was the fish and I’m pleased to say the batter was light and crunchy without being too oily with a thick white cut of fish nestled in the middle of it. I finished every last morsel of it and then whacked some of those chips into the bread to make a chip butty – can you say perfect meal or what?

They also cater really well for veggies with Vee opting for the falafel which came with a beautiful colourful side salad. It’s also really nice to see some slightly different soft drinks to the normal on the menu and both Vee and I opted for an elderflower cordial which came in the cutest little glass milk bottles which had me squeeing for days.
Kerbisher and Malt Falafel

The best part is (if you’ll excuse the pun) how cheap as chips everything is! My meal cost less than a tenner in total which for London is pretty damn good.  Oh and if you’re not a fan of battered fish they’ll also grill it or coat it in a matzo meal for you instead – so many options.

It might have been our second choice but it did not disappoint! And I was pleased to discover, as Emma and I walked to the hot yoga class at Fitness First later that week (more on this tomorrow), that they have a couple of other branches including the one I passed in Clerkenwell. Well worth seeking out if you’re in need of a fishy fix!

Kerbisher & Malt
164 Shepherds Bush Road
W6 7PB

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