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My friends Stephen and Vee were up in London from Brighton for the day and asked me if I would like to join them and some of their other friends for lunch. I hadn’t seen them in so long so of course immediately said yes. When I asked where they had in mind I was asked for suggestions of places I hadn’t been yet but wanted to try.


As you probably know by now I have a to try list longer than my entire body let alone my arm so I set about finding somewhere in Central London that wasn’t too pricey, could accommodate vegetarians and would hopefully make everyone happy. I offered Stephen a couple of suggestions and between us we settled on Pix, a small tapas bar on Neal Street just off of Seven Dials. We were seated through the back which was fab as it was entirely empty to start but the place soon filled up with hungry diners!

IMG_4661 IMG_4660

Inspired by the pintxo bars of Barcelona, Pix offers loads of different food options with only two prices. Those with small sticks sticking out of them cost £2.25 and the big ones £3.25 which makes adding up your bill super simple. After a couple portions of patatas bravas to share between us while we waiting for drinks we checked out the days offerings.


I went with the Serrano ham on tomato bread, diablo meatballs, Serrano ham & bechemal croquetas and the four cheese fritter. Some items were better than others and while the meatballs were delicious the bread that came with it and also the Serrano ham was a bit of a let down. My absolute favourite dish however were the cheese fritters, crispy on the outside while still being wonderfully gooey on the inside – truly delicious!

Yes my friends (and their friends) let me take pictures of their food before they started eating. That's how you know they're good friends!
Yes my friends (and their friends) let me take pictures of their food before they started eating. That’s how you know they’re good friends!


I could have quite happily gone back for more but of course wanted to save room for not only the cava we were drinking but a cheeky little pudding too! These churros with chocolate sauce were the bomb and an absolute bargain at the short stick price.


I may have got sugar absolutely EVERYWHERE trying to eat these in a half polite manner but man were they worth it. The sauce wasn’t really a sauce though, more like milkshake which made an excellent chaser at the end of the meal. In total the bill came to around £20 each including drinks which for central London is pretty much unheard of.  I for one am a definite convert!

Pix Pintxos
63 Neal Street

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