Tortilla, Canary Wharf

Brandon and Jen spent four years taste testing the various burrito joints London has to offer before deciding that there really wasn’t anything quite like what they had experienced in San Francisco‚ the self-proclaimed burrito capital of the world, and so opened their own restaurant in 2007. The Tortilla brand has since grown to include around a dozen branches in the capital and even expanding out to Southampton, Brighton and Leeds. I stopped by their Canary Wharf branch about 9pm one evening after having headed straight to the cinema after work to see what they had to offer.


Their prices are incredibly reasonable, £5 for a medium burritto and £6 for a large, and everything is put together right in front of you while you wait. Not being quite that hungry I went for the grilled chicken dos tacos (£4.50), which was basically two smaller burritos but without the rice and beans. As you can see they were overflowing and next to impossible to wrap and eat but my goodness was it delicious!

You could tell that the ingredients were all very fresh (although my chicken did taste a little overcooked but that was probably from being kept warm). It was also incredibly filling with me only managing to eat one of them at the restaurant before wrapping up the second and popping it into my handbag for round two when I got home. For £5.20 (I of course paid the 70p extra for guacamole) this was exceptional value for what was a quick and tasty meal and I’ll definitely be checking them out again in future.

Canary Wharf
18 North Colonnade
Canary Wharf
E14 4EU

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