Earlham Street Clubhouse, Covent Garden


The next place on my hit list for Joanna’s visit was Earlham Street Clubhouse in Covent Garden. Famous on the blogging scene for its 90’s themed cocktails and epic New York style pizzas this place did not disappoint! With the mismatched decor and laid back atmosphere this place reminded me a lot of our secondary school common room where I have so many good memories!


There’s a small selection of pizza toppings, again with great names, and if you can’t decide what you fancy most you’re welcome to Ross and Rachel (half and half) one of the 20″ ones with two different choices.

We went for the Super Mario on one side (tomato, mozzarella, spicy homemade meatballs & pecorino cheese) and The Ferris Bueller (tomato, mozzarella, chilli chicken, spicy salami, scotch bonnet chillies & red onion) on the other. The pizza was thin crust and delicious, definitely the best pizza I’ve had in London although the latter was a little on the spicy side for my tastes but the fire was easily quenched with one of the clubhouses cocktails!

Rolling with the homies

Clueless is one of my all-time favourite movies of the 90s – up there with SpiceWorld – so I couldn’t resist the aptly named (and delicious) Rolling with the homies. We were short on time as we had to head to the Prince Charles Cinema for our all night xMen marathon (keep your eyes peeled for my next post!) so I didn’t try any of the others but at £7.50 each I’ll definitely be back to sample the menu. They also have some amazing sharing cocktails which I really need to try including Tangled Twister which comes with its own Twister Board and spinner of doom!

Earlham Street Clubhouse
*Now closed*

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