Holy Cupcakes Batman

Holy Cupcakes Batman: BB Bakery

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This weeks feature is brought to you from the BB Bakery in Covent Garden. I was actually on my way to a different bakery but as I passed this on the way and I know I’ll be able to visit the other easily enough in the future I decided to pop in and give BB’s a try.

BB Bakery

The tea room has a lovely feel to it with comfy velour covered chairs and mis-matched china teapots and cups. The window displays themselves are a marvel to look at and in gorgeous, girly shades of pastel. Then there are the cakes, oh so many cakes that I’ll let the photographs do the talking!

BBMacaroon IMG_1960 IMG_1961

With so much to choose from and wanting to avoid going for my trusty red velvet cake yet again I settled on the very last chocolate sponge with orange buttercream icing. See that one with the orange frosting and sprinkles, yeah that was mine.



Unfortunately the cake did not taste as good as it looked 🙁 the sponge was dry and the orange flavour of the icing overpowering and dare I say it too sweet. Don’t get me wrong I still ate it all but those last few mouthfuls really were a bit of a struggle and for £3.80 I really expected something a bit more special.

Cupcake Rating – Robin – Capture (118x70) (113x62)

4 thoughts on “Holy Cupcakes Batman: BB Bakery

  1. Those cakes looks amazing – such a shame it was a disappointment in the end. I often find that with cupcakes – they look miles better than they taste. I made Malteser ones last week, which were OK, but I didn’t think they were great, for the amount of effort that went in!

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