Holy Cupcakes Batman

Holy Cupcakes Batman: Cake Me Baby

*Disclaimer: I attended this event for free in exchange for blogging about the event. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

I’m bringing back the old Holy Cupcakes Batman feature to tell you about the excellent Cake Me Baby. These guys are so great I don’t even know where to begin!


It all started with an e-mail inviting me to celebrate the end of Afternoon Tea Week with them at their adorable little store in West London. The place almost has a wonderland theme to it with beautiful tree branches giving it an earthy feel and some incredible works of art from Rococo Wonderland Neon Art and Sonia Hensler.


Upon arrival we were greeted in the best way possible; by name and with prosecco cocktails! Zizi made us all feel so at home and introduced me to Maria and Andrea who had also arrived on time and we chatted away while we waiting for the others to arrive (sadly none of them turned up, shame as it gives us bloggers a bad name) and let me tell you these girls are a riot! (And no, that wasn’t just the prosecco talking, that didn’t take effect until much later)

We took our seats and my eyes popped out at the incredible menu. The evening had been very cleverly themed as Hair of the Dog with two savoury and six sweet courses (seven if you include the PeaNutty Bulletproof Coffee which I don’t because yeuch coffe 😉 ) I was impressed. Then the platters arrived and I was blown away.

IMG_4677 IMG_4678

How incredible is this presentation?! Definitely Instagram worthy in my opinion. I decided to follow the menu from top to bottom and started with the Bloody Mary Pizza. This was utterly divine with the small focaccia being hollowed out to make room for the mozzarella and tomato and the wee lid popped back on top like a teeny tiny bunnychow.


The mini mushroom and cheddar quiche was also jam-packed full of flavour for its size and for someone who doesn’t particularly like mushrooms I could have eaten an entire plateful!


But I’m not gonna lie, what I was really there for was the cakes and more beautiful cakes I don’t think I have ever seen. The “Berocca” Jelly had sadly not set but the attention to detail down to the apricot tablet at the bottom of the glass was brilliant.


I skipped the Panna cotta because again yeuch coffee but the moans of appreciation from my fellow bloggers told me that it was a hit. Instead I went for the Big Breakfast Cupcake, the bakeries most famous creation, and I have to say I was sceptical. Bacon? On a cupcake? Are you sure?

IMG_4686 IMG_4688

I was completely and utterly proven wrong and this was my second favourite sweet delight of the evening. My first favourite was Da Bomb – no I’m not going gangster on you that’s what it was called! Afternoon tea ganache with passion cream, mirror glaze, butter biscuit and Greens of Devon edible flowers, this was as much a visual treat as it was a culinary one.


You’d think by now we’d be reaching out limit but there were still two more cakes to go! The Little Blue Pill (blue raspberry cake pop with popping candy!) and The Real Bourbon (basically a giant Bourbon cream laced with… you guessed it, Bourbon!)

IMG_4691 IMG_4693

All of the sweet treats with the exception of The Little Blue Pill were gluten-free and I can tell you I did not notice any difference in taste whatsoever. What I did notice after leaving was the fact that I wasn’t as bloated as I quite often am after indulging in afternoon tea (thank you Crohn’s disease) and didn’t feel uncomfortably full in the slightest just nicely satiated.


Alessandra, the brains behind Cake Me Baby, joined us throughout the evening easily chatting away to us and answering any questions we had. She even gave us a quick peek at her kitchen although I think I may have crossed the line when I started singing Let It Go! The bakery offers an exceptional bespoke cake services (Seriously, check out some of the cakes they’ve made) but they do NOT do Disney!

Thank you so much to Zizi and Al for an incredible evening. If I’m ever out West you can be sure I’ll be popping in for a cupcake or two!

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