Holy Cupcakes Batman

Holy Cupcakes Batman: Lola's Cupcakes


In preparation so I have *some* spare time before my holidays I cheekily tested out two cupcake places at once when I visited Selfridges last week. While I took the gorgeous salted caramel one from Celebration cakes home to enjoy I also sat in at Lola’s and tried not one, not two but three of their mini cupcakes (and I wonder why I’ve put on so much weight since moving to London!).


Lola’s have a lot of different types; a whopping sixteen standard flavours to be exact and a couple of specials to boot. The cakes also come in two sizes regular and tiny.

IMG_3537 IMG_3536

Not sure which to try I opted to have three tiny’s instead of a regular one; vanilla, rocky road and black bottom (chocolate sponge with a cheesecake centre, cream cheese frosting topped with white chocolate curls).


I also had the biggest cup of tea ever and the whole thing came to a total of just £6.15, way less than I spent in the horrible BB Bakery.

IMG_3545 IMG_3543 IMG_3544

The black bottom was my favourite, completely divine with the cheesecake centre making the sponge deliciously moist. The rocky road was OK but I wasn’t too keen on the mini marshmallows on the top and the vanilla was fine with a good dollop of icing on top and pretty decoration.


Lola’s also sell their unique cupcake milkshakes, a whole regular size cupcake of your choice blended up with ice-cream! I was lucky enough to sample a taster of the red velvet milkshake when I was there. It doesn’t look pretty but boy does it taste good (kind of reminding me of ice cream cake funnily enough!) although I imagine a whole cup of it would be quite sickly!!

Cupcake Rating – Alfred- Capture (118x70) (113x62)Capture (118x70) (113x62)

I’m sad to say that this will be my last Holy Cupcakes Batman post 🙁 I’m off on my holidays at the end of this week (have I mentioned this at all yet?) and all this cake has not been kind to my waistline since moving so I plan to start a healthier eating plan on my return to the UK! I hope you’ve enjoyed the series and you can read up on past reviews here.

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