Holy Cupcakes Batman

Holy Cupcakes Batman: Sweet Couture

sweet couture

My visit to Sweet Couture was part of the Cupcake and Macaron walking tour of London that I took. It was the only one of the three bakehouses that we went to that I hadn’t previously visited and it was my number one stop on the tour!

The Sweet Couture shop is dangerously close to my new workplace and has a really uncluttered, clean look about the shop. Nothing to distract you from their beautiful cupcakes.

IMG_2547 IMG_2548

Yep nice and simple, just six kinds of cupcake to choose from all equally delicious looking though. Despite being attracted to the chocolate cupcake with the colourful sprinkles something made me choose the strawberries and cream and boy am I glad I did.


Now I’ve never been a huge fan of strawberries. Strawberry flavour yes, fresh strawberries no. But sometimes you just get some of the most deliciously sweet strawberries ever that even I like them and it was one of those that sat atop my cupcake. It set the tone just perfectly. The frosting was deliciously creamy and the sponge itself was incredibly moist probably helped by the fact that it had mashed (?) strawberries laced into the sponge. Definitely the best cupcake I’ve had so far since moving to London!

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