Bleecker St Burger, Southbank

Last Monday saw the Bleecker St Burger van take up semi-permenant residence on the Southbank where they’re going to be parked for the next 43 days. Better than that as it was their first day they were offering 50% off all hot food to mark the occasion. Having read nothing but good reviews on blogs I decided to skip taking in my own lunch for one day and treat myself.

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As it was their first day and they had the offer I was expecting a queue but it moved really quickly which was great. After ordering you were given a numbered ticket while you waited for your order to be freshly cooked for you. The menu is pretty basic with just four options: cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, blue burger or veggie burger and either normal, sweet or mixed fries. I went for the regular cheeseburger and a portion of mixed fries (why choose when you don’t have to?) all for the princely sum of £4.50 – this would have of course been a total of £9 if they didn’t have the offer. It didn’t take too long for my order to become ready and I quickly crossed back over the bridge to my office so that I could devour it. (Some of the fries didn’t quite make it all the way instead ending up in my tummy as I went.)


Back at my desk I tucked in straight away, well after the quick snap that you can see above, and naturally it was a little cold as I hadn’t eaten it straight away. (Why they don’t give you proper takeaway containers with a lid I don’t know!) I took a bite and I was nothing but dissatisfied. The burgers are all cooked medium-rare which is a bit more pink than I would normally have mine but I was expecting that.

What I wasn’t expecting was for my bottom part of my bun to be sodden with meat juice to the point that it fell apart when I picked it up. I really didn’t like the secret sauce that they put on it either but that is just my personal preference. The sweet potato fries on the other hand were some of the best I have ever tasted! The regular ones were OK too but really when you have the choice why would you NOT choose sweet potato?

Overall a disappointing experience for me and not one that I will be choosing to repeat.

Bleecker St Burger
*Now open in Spitalfields & Victoria*

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