Chotto Matte, Soho

Another foodie post for you today, this time a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for ages but have never gotten round to because most of my friends aren’t fans of Japanese food. Chotto Matte isn’t strictly Japanese though, it’s a Japanese/Peruvian fusion restaurant serving up high-quality Nikkei cuisine. And boy did it deliver!


Holly and I had an early seating at 5:30pm because we were headed to the Disclosure album launch in Limehouse for around 7/7:30pm and decided to take advantage of the pre-theatre menu which included miso soup, a bento box of goodies and a glass of prosecco for just £25. (The menu says dessert should have been included as well but we didn’t get any!)

We started with the miso soup (I didn’t take a picture of this because, well, it’s miso soup and hardly the most photogenic!) which was warm and not overly salty like it can sometimes be. This was the first time I’d met Holly in person and it was like we’d known each other for years (well we kinda have only online) and I had to giggle when she asked me if I was going to photograph my food! Definitely the kind of person I like having dinner with 🙂 luckily as we had the same thing I didn’t have to annoy here by taking photos of her food too!


The bento box was huge with two layers to it and crammed with goodies. There was no clear order in which to eat it so I kinda just went for a try a little bit of everything to find out what was my favourite and the polish off the good stuff.


The Padron peppers were something I’d never had before and was surprised by how mild they were, although I read in a blog post just yesterday (and I can’t for the life of me remember which one which is annoying) that one in fifty peppers is much, much hotter than the others so I’m very glad I didn’t get one of those! The lobster tempura was really great, big chunks of lobster meat in a light and crispy batter and not at all greasy.


I absolutely adored the ceviche that I ate at Rex and Mariano a couple of weeks ago and was excited to try more but the sea bass offering here wasn’t anywhere near as good and the marinade was far too overpowering in my opinion. The Nikkei sashimi salad was nice too but I do think the presentation of these two dishes was better than the actual taste which is always disappointing.


I love sushi so the  spicy tuna sushi rolls and mixed nigiri were always going to go down a treat and this was a very good selection. Tuna and salmon are familiar toppings to nigiri to me but I’d never had a sea bass one before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Luckily the tuna rolls weren’t actually that spicy in my opinion which made them all the better!


The final compartment was definitely my favourite though with grilled octopus anticucho, BBQ miso chicken, steamed rice and vegetables with chili & garlic. I’ve never had octopus grilled before and I don’t really like it when my food has suckers but this was cooked to perfection any my absolute favourite dish of the night. The BBQ chicken was really nice and wonderful dipped in some soy sauce but I scrapped a lot of the white sauce that was smeared over it off as I thought there was just a little too much of it.

I wasn’t stuffed by the end of the meal but I was definitely satiated and there was actually quite a lot of food for £25. You’d spend a lot more than that buying individual dishes anyway and it’s nice to get to try selection of things.

Annoyingly just as we’d paid our bill we were approached by a woman offering us a £10 discount each by using the Velocity app. I’d never heard of it before but it seems like such a great idea for people like me who are terrible for carrying cash around with them. Basically you check in to the restaurant using the app and your bill is automatically added to it. Your dining companions can then join your table and you can split the bill (evenly or otherwise) and use the app to pay with just a few clicks.


We’d planned to grab a drink in Limehouse before the show started anyway so instead stayed on at Chotto Matte to indulge in some of their cocktails for a very low price! I had the Flor de Manzana – Mango vodka, sake, apple, lime, passionfruit and elderflower – which was really delicious and fairly reasonable for Soho at just £10 each (of course I just paid a service charge thanks to the app discount #bargain!)

Chotto Matte
11 – 13 Frith St

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