Le Pain Quotidien, Victoria

Last week I ended up in Victoria for dinner with an old flame from Aberdeen. Not really knowing Victoria that well we wandered aimlessly for a while before settling on Le Pain Quotidien. Having seen another of their restaurants on the Southbank I knew they were a solely London-based chain.

Anyway the restaurant with its communal table in the middle looked very impressive and we settled in to our table to peruse the menu while we waiting for our limeade drinks to arrive. The restaurant name means daily bread and perhaps I should have ordered one of their open-faced sandwiches rather than choosing from the main menu but in the end I went for the salmon and cous cous.


Our drinks arrived and they were incredibly sour and not that pleasant but being British we didn’t complain. The conversation was thankfully the opposite and flowed easily without too many awkward pauses until our food arrived. It was beautifully presented in its little terracotta dish but wasn’t quite what I expected. The cous cous was the larger granier kind than I’m used to and changed the texture of the dish for me but the salmon was cooked to perfection. At almost £16 I wouldn’t exactly say it was worth the price though but luckily for me I wasn’t the one paying 😉

I’m not saying I wouldn’t try this restaurant again but it would have to impress me more than it did. The service was a little slow which wasn’t an issue on this occasion as it allowed time for chattering but they could have been a bit more attentive. And no, before you ask, nothing romantic is on the cards. I am very happy being single!

Le Pain Quotidien
128 Wilton Road

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