Orso, Covent Garden

Another new start at work and the imminent return of one of our ladies who has been off on maternity leave since before I started allowed for another ladies lunch last week. This time we headed to Orso in Covent Garden, a hidden little Italian just a few doors up from the Lyceum Theatre on Wellington Street. Similarly as with Smollensky’s only the entrance is at ground level and you have to go down a small set of stairs to get to the actual restaurant.


It was a lot more intimate than we were expecting (and would be great for a romantic pre-theatre meal) but luckily out group had halved in size to just six after a last minute Lunch and Learn was scheduled for the same time. We tucked ourselves away in a corner and chatted away happily amongst ourselves. The staff were attentive but not over bearing and very knowledgable on their menu. The set menu provides excellent value for money at £16.75 for 2-courses and £19.50 for 3 but I wasn’t too keen on the options. Instead I went for a small portion of the Linguine with White Crab Meat, Garlic, Parsley, Chilli and Roast Cherry Tomato (I’m trying hard to stick to my £5/day budget while still treating myself occassionally!)


I’m glad that I just went for the small portion as it was more than enough for me. It was delicious too with the flaky white crab meat being full of flavour and there was lots of it as well which was nice to see. I was initally disappointed not to have been offered parmesan cheese with my meal though I think that this was perhaps a good thing as it would have detracted from the lovely flavours. The restaurant also has a lovely policy of allowing you to have your dessert/coffees after the theatre if you so wish which is great as you don’t need to wolf down three courses before heading to the show you are seeing.

27 Wellington Street

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