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It was my friend Steve’s birthday last week so before we headed out for a night of karaoke at the Richmond Arms a group of us popped in by Urban Diner for a quick bite to eat. For 7:30pm on a Thursday evening the place seemed pretty dead with only two other tables of two being occupied when I arrived I didn’t take this as a good sign. Offering typical American diner fare I wasn’t expecting gourmet delights but I was actually pleasantly surprised with their offerings. There were quite a number of things on the menu I would like to have tried had I had more of an appetite (and boy do I want to visit them to try one of their breakfasts) but in the end I went for their small plate sliders (Hereford beef & grilled jack, BBQ pulled pork & pickle, Italian meatball & sauce) and a side portion of sweet potato fries. They also have a really great drinks menu including quite a few cocktails and hard shakes (Milkshake with alcohol in!)

Sorry about the dark photo the lighting wasn't great
Sorry about the dark photo the lighting wasn’t great

Now I have a confession to make, until last week I’d never had pulled pork. I’d heard about it and even liked the sound of it but I was never adventurous enough to try it. Especially not when there are other delicious things on the menu as well. After removing the pickle (I mean gross, who actually eats those things) I took my first bite and… it was delicious! So much so that I put it down after the first mouthful just so I could make it last longer. I can’t be the only one who saves their favourite parts of the meal until last can I? The meatball slider was quite nice but nothing startling to write home about and I quickly finished it so I could move back on to the pulled pork saving the cheeseburger for last which was still probably my favourite overall. The sweet potato fries were cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside while still being soft on the inside and just the right amount too. I was able to finish everything in front of me without feeling too full or still hungry afterwards which isn’t an easy thing to achieve!

We split the bill between us which came to £24.50 each which for a main meal and a couple of drinks each seemed pretty reasonable to me. They also have a second branch opening in Putney later this month so I may have to check that one out when I’m next in that area of town for an event!

Urban Diner
20 Hill Street

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