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Gingerline’s Chambers is a fully immersive & interactive, 5-course, multi-room dining adventure. Formerly known as Chambers of Flavour, this is the 4th adventure through the multi-verse. On the day of your adventure, you will be directed by the hidden HQ in Hoxton by text. Once you find our secret headquarters, you will be thrown (carefully of course) headlong into the multi-verse to embark on a 120 minute, 5 course, multi-dimensional dining adventure.

All the other details including who you’ll meet, which dimensions you’ll visit and exactly what you’ll eat, are kept top secret until the day of your adventure. Trust us, it’s more fun this way.  But be warned, Chambers is not for the meek or cautious of palette, our motto is ‘only the brave will dine’ after all. 

Chambers_ is the latest dining adventure from my heroes at Gingerline who never cease to amaze me with the ideas they come up with. The latest iteration of Chambers goes back to the original format that introduced me to their marvellous ways of enjoying each course of five in a differently themed room (or chamber, see what they did there?)

Unlike previous events I’ve been to there are now two bars, one at the start for you to pre-order your drinks for the evening which is quite poky so don’t turn up too far ahead of your scheduled entry time (that said, don’t be late! They won’t wait for you and these events are popular so it’s unlikely they can move you to another time slot) and another at the end where they encourage you to linger with photo opportunities galore and a DJ to keep you on the dance floor.

With the previous events I’ve been to there has been the occasional instance of audience participation but they’ve really ramped it up this time round with everyone getting involved on a couple different instances.

They’ve also ramped up the menu in this one with one course being entirely vegan for everyone (they can of course cater for almost any dietary requirements with notice) which actually blew me away. Like I LOVE meat as much as the next carnivore but damn I would order that dish over and over again.

As always they want us to keep the exact details to a minimum but I promise that this latest show is just as fun as the previous Gingerline experiences (and quite possibly my favourite yet!). Tickets start from £55 per person for 5 flavoursome courses, a palate cleanser, a welcome drink plus 120 minutes of playful explorations through 5 dining dimensions. Chambers_ is running until September 28th – end of November 2019. Get your tickets here!

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