The Grand Expedition, Gingerline

It’s been almost exactly two years since my first foray in to the wonderful world of Gingerline. Since then they’ve run through a couple more iterations of The Chamber of Flavours before embarking on a new adventure: The Grand Expedition.

*Disclaimer: Our journey/meal on The Grand Expedition was free in exchange for blogging about my experience. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

In some respects this new experience is very much the same as its predecessors but in others very different indeed. You still don’t find out exactly where you’re going until a couple of hours before you’re due to arrive – but this time the location is on the Victoria line rather than the Overground. The action all takes place within a single room, or rather hot air balloon and the actors come to you rather than progressing from one room to another for each course as with CoF. It’s also a much more physical performance than before with incredible choreography, interactions and animations all happening around you as you eat. There is also less required audience participation allowing you to join in when you want to rather than being forced.

One thing that definitely hasn’t changed is the standard of food that the flavourology team have pulled together. The Grand Expedition takes you on a whirlwind trip around the globe over a series of five delicious courses. I can’t tell you exactly what was served but I will say that I tried a couple of dishes that were completely out of my comfort zone and ended up being INCREDIBLE. My favourite course of the meal was from my favourite country ever so if you know me you may be able to guess one of them!

The team are very inclusive and will cater for any dietary requirements you may have with notice (Jen is pescatarian and they gave her a coloured wristband to denote this to ensure she was given the correct dishes), have non-alcoholic versions of most of their cocktails available and can also cater disabled customers which was quite difficult for some of their previous adventures.

It’s difficult to say whether or not The Grand Expedition is better than The Chamber of Flavours as they’re such very different beasts but I still thoroughly recommend the Gingerline concept to anyone who likes immersive dining or is willing to leave their inhibitions at the door and give something new a go. Tickets start at £60 per person and are worth every penny. Huge thanks to Love Pop Ups London for the tickets that enabled this review.

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