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The Brunch Diaries: Hard Rock Cafe

Just before I went on holiday I was invited by the Hard Rock Café to pop down and check out their brand new rock n roll brunch. It was an early start as the brunch runs from 10am (*yawn*) til noon every Sunday. The Hard Rock Café might be seen as just another chain but it’s also a pretty well-known institution so when I rolled up 10 minutes early there was already a queue forming outside!

Hard Rock Cafe Brunch Band
*Disclaimer: My brunch at the Hard Rock was complimentary in exchange for a review. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

My friend Emma soon joined me (you can read here review here) and at 10am practically on the dot the line started to move and we were shown inside to our booth by the window where not only could we enjoy a little bit of spring sunshine but could also see the band who would be playing throughout the morning. You see as well as providing delicious food to its customers in true Hard Rock style each month will see a different band take to the stage and entertain you while you eat. For us that was AJ Moore and I have to say the choice in covers was amazing!

There were some slight teething problems with timing, which isn’t surprising given how busy it was and that this was their first ever brunch service but the staff made sure to keep us up to date with what was happening as well as making sure we had plenty to drink (the brunch includes unlimited mimosas and bloody mary’s as well as tea, coffee and juice) while we waited.

Hard Rock Cafe Brunch Mimosa

Now when I first saw the menu I thought we had to choose between the three platters that seemed to be on offer; baked goods, meat and veggie but in actual fact for the £29.95 price tag (remember that includes unlimited drinks for 2 hours) you get ALL THREE! There was so much food.

Hard Rock Cafe Brunch

The first platter included a toasted bagel, American style pancakes and lots of toppings.

Hard Rock Cafe Brunch Veg

They very kindly separated the meat from the veg on the platter (normally this would come altogether) so we had mushrooms, courgette, potatoes, tomatoes, waffles and baked eggs on one platter then fried chicken, sausages, bacon and cowboy beans on another plate.

Hard Rock Cafe Brunch Meat

I tried absolutely everything on offer (obviously) and while it was all delicious (those sausages and that chicken in particular) there was just too much food for two people to get anywhere near finishing. I kept nibbling well past the point of being stuffed because it was just that good! Too much food isn’t ever really a bad thing but a quick look around at the other tables before we left proved that we weren’t the only ones struggling.

I would have also preferred for everything to have come out together so that I could have planned my eating strategy a bit better (ha) but this was simply a timing issue which I’m sure they will nail down fairly quickly.

Hard rock café
150 Old Park Lane

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