Review: EasyHotel, Heathrow

You may have guessed by now from my frequent Heavenly Hotels feature that I adore nice hotels and would love to be a hotel reviewer for a living. (One can but dream huh?) Sadly living in London doesn’t give me much need to stay in any hotels around the city at all and unfortunately my budget doesn’t usually stretch to such luxury when it does! So when I was in need of a place to stay near Heathrow airport prior to an early morning flight up to Aberdeen I ended up spending the night at the nearby EasyHotel. I’d stayed at the EasyHotel in Luton previously for the same reason so I knew roughly what to expect.

Now I’m not going to lie and say that it’s the most glamorous of places to stay, it’s not, but it is great for people like me who are on a budget. My room cost me £32 for the night which was more than worth the extra 3 hours sleep I would gain by staying so much closer to the airport. It was a hot and sticky day in July when I arrived a little bit sweaty and the front of house assistant was on the phone dealing with an enquiry so I waited patiently to be checked in. The check in process took just a few minutes and luckily I was given a ground floor room (there’s no lift and I had a very heavy case with me) which I quickly located and almost squealed with delight when I entered the deliciously cool airconned room.

The rooms are by design small. Mine had no window (you pay extra for this) but the room is very functional with a double bed with a specially inset shelf underneath for your suitcase, a vanity mirror and shelf with a plug for your electronics and a hook on the wall for you to hang any clothes on. The small pod bathroom is tiny and probably not for those who feel claustrophobic but again it does its job.

As for extras there is a TV in the room, it used to be that you had to pay extra to watch it but this is now free, as is the first 30 minutes of wireless (something some of the more upmarket hotels could take note from) and you get a thin, rough towel, hand towel and small bar of soap for use in the shower. There’s no restaurant on site so instead there are vending machines with light snacks and hot drinks or you can take advantage of a continental breakfast box or hot evening meal delivered by a local takeaway. There is a very cosy pub called The White Heart very close by too although I didn’t actually visit instead opting to go to my favourite pub near Heathrow The Pheasant a 20 minute or so walk away.

After getting back late (I’d been to Kew the music at Kew Gardens with work) it was nice to see that the reception was still manned and I felt very safe walking back to my room. I had a great nights sleep and felt much more refreshed awaking at 7am than I would have at 5am had I left from my flat instead. The journey to the airport was very quick and simple too. Staying at the EasyHotel definitely made my travels much easier and I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for somewhere to stay for similar reasons although I probably wouldn’t recommend it for any longer than a night or two!

Rooms: 2/5
4 of 5 starsService: 3/5
Value: 4/5

Overall: 3/5

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