Review: Travelodge, Kings Cross Royal Scot

While I have a thing for luxury hotels I don’t have the budget for them and with my family coming to England for a total of 5 nights we had to go for functionality over extravagance. Enter Travelodge, who have many hotels conveniently located across the city (and country) for a price that won’t break the bank. Being London however the prices still weren’t that cheap working out at £66 per night for the three nights were there. I point out refused to pay the £90 (!) they wanted for the Wednesday night and decided to risk finding a last minute deal for a swanky hotel near Paddington (ready for our journey to LegoLand the next day) for that night instead.

I’d stayed in this hotel once before as it’s one of the cheaper Travelodge’s in London town and is in a great location just a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross station. It seemed to take forever to get checked in which after the 7 hour train journey my mother and niece had endured wasn’t the best but eventually we were settled into our family room which had both a double and a small single camp style bed in it which didn’t leave us much room but was good enough for what we needed.


Snuggled up for our first night hoping to get a good nights sleep before our first full day of sightseeing we were just dozing off as we were rudely snapped out of it by a loud alarm sounding noise. No one else in the hotel seemed to be evacuating so we weren’t sure what was going on and the noise gradually got quieter before starting up again. I legged it down to reception to be told that it was a fault with the plumbing and that as there was not an engineer available to take a look the best they could offer us was a move to another room in a different part of the hotel.

I went to go check it out before we moved all of our stuff and to my surprise there was only a double bed – how exactly did they expect the three of us to fit in one small double bed? So back again I went to reception, thoroughly tired and grumpy from being awoken so rudely and had to wait an age before I got anyones attention (there were a surprising amount of people checking in at 11pm on a Monday evening!) I was told that there weren’t any family rooms available which was why we’d been offered the one that we had but in the end they agreed to move us to two twin rooms just across the hall from each other and (thankfully) on the other side of the hotel as the plumbing issue. We spent both our first two nights in this set up with my niece sleeping in a room with my mum one night and with me the other.

Despite all the issues I was impressed with the way the staff at the Travelodge handled the issues. We were due to return on the Friday night so I was curious to see if we would end up having a similar problem or not.

I’m pleased to say that our second stay was the complete opposite of the first and we ended up staying in what I would call the Travelodges equivalent of a suite. It was obviously a wheelchair accessible room and there was about twice the space in this room than there had been in the very first one that we were offered.

Sadly while I wasn’t expecting luxury accommodations I did at least expect the wardrobe doors not to be falling off – the whole hotel is just a bit old and tired looking and would benefit from a bit of a makeover. For the price though, in Central London, you really can’t go wrong with this hotel as a base.

Rooms: 2/5
4 of 5 starsService: 3/5
Value: 4/5

Overall: 3/5

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