Review: K West Hotel, Shepherd's Bush

As I mentioned in my Travelodge review they had wanted £90 for the night and I simply wasn’t willing to pay that for the level of accommodation that the Travelodge provide – they’re a cheap and cheerful place to stay and not worth that price tag in my opinion. After weeks of checking various hotel booking sites almost daily I was starting to thing I wasn’t going to find a reasonably priced luxury hotel for the date we wanted – any other night that week sure but that particular Wednesday? Nope. Very weird. Finally my luck came though and I was able to snag a Deluxe room with a king sized bed at the K West Hotel for less than £125, just £35 more than the Travelodge wanted through It was a little further away from Paddington than I had wanted but I was very excited to be able to stay at the K West Hotel as it’s one of the hotels I’ve showcased in my Heavenly Hotels feature. *spoiler alert* it did NOT disappoint!


Upon arrival I was a little nervous as we’d booked a large double for the three of us reasoning that we could all fit on a king size bed but technically the room was only meant for two people. The receptionist who checked us in (I wished I’d got her name) was nothing but lovely, upgraded us to the next level of room for no extra charge even before I’d mentioned that there would be three of us staying and then proceeded to tell me that her daughter likes to snuggle up with her some nights too.

Our room was down a level from the reception which was the same level as the spa. The long, narrow corridor with no windows down there could be a bit of an issue if you’re claustrophobic but my mum didn’t have a problem with it at all thankfully. We got to our room and were absolutely astounded! I had definitely made the right choice with this hotel.

DSCF1731DSCF1732 DSCF1733

The place was more like a suite than a hotel room with a separate sitting area, desk for working and the hugest of huge beds. The three of us were able to lie comfortably in it and not even touch each other. My niece thought the place was amazing and declared that she never wanted to stay in a Travelodge again, ha! The only tiniest disappointment, for my mum, was the bathroom…

DSCF1734 DSCF1735

What could possibly be wrong with that bathroom you declare? It’s gorgeous! And I agree but my mum was desperate for a bath to ease her aching legs after all our sightseeing and there wasn’t one. Not the hotels fault though and that shower was a pretty amazing alternative. My favourite thing in the room was this little gadget on the bedside table though:


This bad boy was home to not only two USB ports for charging electronic devices but also FOUR sockets! One of my biggest bugbears is not having somewhere near the bed to charge your phone at night so this was amazing.

There really isn’t anything I can fault about this hotel our room was valued at £460 per night on so we paid just over a quarter of this price and I’ve not actually seen the rate on the official website go above £250/night which while expensive I still think is quite reasonable for West London. 90% of the time you can usually get a better deal via a third-party than direct with the site but they can have some good deals like the Love Sucks package they currently offer for just £109/night.

I would happily stay here again and again for the price we paid and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable luxury hotel in the city!

Rooms: 5/5
4 of 5 starsService: 5/5
Value: 4/5

Overall: 4.6/5

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  1. The price for such a hotel in London is really reasonable. It’s nice to see that you enjoyed your stay that much and got such an amazing room. Thanks for the lovely review. Enjoy your further travels 🙂

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