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My fourth and final staycation thanks to the £29.99 sale took place last week when I stayed at the Park Plaza Victoria on the Friday night. The location of this hotel is top-notch just a 5 minute walk from Victoria station and of course the magnificent Wicked at the Victoria Apollo. It’s not the most impressive building from the outside but the lobby has some very interesting works of art!

Check in process was quick and easy and I was on my way up to the third floor to check out my room within about ten minutes. I’m always so excited to see the room for the first time but I have to say I was very underwhelmed.

IMG_1810 IMG_1811

The room was a large size with a big bed but all the other furniture in the room was a tad old-fashioned. There was a writing desk with different kinds of power sockets which I thought was a nice touch. The kettle was stowed away in a cupboard under the TV unit like it was at the Riverbank Park Plaza too.


Unlike the Riverbank however the bathroom was extremely disappointing. It was very small and tired looking with no separate shower like we had enjoyed at the previous Plaza. The toilet didn’t flush properly and to be honest it was more in line with what I would expect from a budget hotel like a Travelodge than a four star hotel that costs upwards of £100 per night.

IMG_1814 IMG_1815 IMG_1816

After a long week I was pretty wiped so I showered, put on my pjs and settled in for a couple of hours blogging before Matt got there. I had the television on watching The Big Bang Theory as background noise while I worked yet I could still here the man in the room next door having a conversation on the phone. The walls were completely paper-thin!

Matt called and said he would grab some food on his way rather than us going out when he got there late around 9pm so I decided to treat myself to room service once again and ordered the butter chicken and a glass of bubbles. It arrived really quickly which I was impressed with. At this point I decided to give Periscope a try (if you haven’t heard about Periscope yet it’s a new app that allows you to live stream using your phone’s camera and is pretty darn cool!) and gave my whole two viewers a little tour of the room.

IMG_1822 IMG_1820

I finished my dinner and grabbed a mini bottle of wine from the mini bar (what they were only £4 each – bargain!) and I was quite impressed with the automated mini fridge. Somehow it knows what you’ve taken and automatically charges it to your room – pretty nifty. Matt finally arrived and we had a natter to catchup before I promptly fell asleep with the knowledge that I didn’t have an alarm set until 1oam the following morning. Bliss!

Naturally my body woke me up at stupid o’clock but I did manage to get back to sleep only to be woken up again by housekeeping trying to come in to clean the room! This happened a second time before it was even 10am (on a Saturday morning nonetheless) and I found it really frustrating. This has happened in three of the four hotels I’ve stayed in over the last month (the Threadneedles was the only one that I didn’t have this issue with) and I just don’t understand it. The hotel has a record of which rooms are occupied and when people check out so how can they not figure out which rooms have been vacated for cleaning is beyond me. It can’t be that hard. I can understand if these were multiple night stays but they weren’t so really there’s no excuse.

As you can tell I wasn’t very impressed with this hotel and I wouldn’t recommend it as there are far superior hotels in its price range. Also given the potential security issues we encountered at their Riverbank hotel I can’t say I would recommend the Park Plaza as a brand either and I definitely wouldn’t seek to stay with them again over other brands.

Rooms: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 2/5

Overall: 3/5

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