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It’s been a while since I’ve had a staycation in a London hotel, with the exception of the Yotel at Heathrow, the last one was the K West when my family visited in October so when were having a ridiculous flash sale of four and five-star hotel rooms for just £29.99 I treated myself to a couple of nights at different ones! People might think it a waste of money to stay in a hotel in the same city you live but I love staying in hotels and when rooms like these usually cost a minimum of £150/night why not spoil myself?


The Cumberland is part of the Guoman hotel chain which I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in before this visit. It is literally 12 steps from the Marble Arch Underground exit. No seriously, I counted. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good shot of the outside of the hotel because this area of town is insane with traffic but needless to say it’s nothing spectacular from the outside. Inside however, is a different matter entirely. The lobby is bright and edgy with some of the weirdest art I’ve ever seen in a hotel reception!


Reception was pretty busy with lots of people being checked in and as you can tell from the background noise on the video there was a lot of hustle and bustle. I’ll be honest it felt more like an airport waiting area than a cosy hotel lobby. It didn’t take long to sort everything out and I was given my key and directions to my room fairly rapidly. One thing I did like was that a credit card was not required at check in and instead all bills such as room service or the bar were to be settled as you enjoyed them. I much prefer this as if you’re sharing with someone (I wasn’t on this particular occasion) it’s easier to keep tabs on who pays for what.

The room was fairly spacious although there was a lack of wardrobe space. This was made up for by an inset in the wall where I guess large suitcases can be stored. I loved the use of space with the iron and ironing board being hidden in behind the mirror but I was disappointed that my TV was not a SMART one – it seems there are standard rooms and SMART rooms. Most importantly the bed was super comfortable and I spent most of my time lounging in it. I was also impressed with how quiet the rooms were despite being so close to the main roads.


One of the first things I did upon arrival was have a shower. It was deliciously hot but sadly you can’t control the power which was a bit disappointing. I did love that the towel rails were heated and the towels themselves big, fluffy and snuggly though so we’ll let them off! Plus I got a whole new range of miniatures to add to my ever-growing collection lol.IMG_0590IMG_0579

I hadn’t intended on it but I actually ended up eating at the hotel restaurant The Brasserie. Some of the menu was the same as what was listed for room service but some wasn’t and there were things on the room service menu that weren’t available in the restaurant which I found quite confusing but it’s a nice varied menu and the prices aren’t extortionate like in many hotels – although the drink prices were on the high side.

IMG_0582 IMG_0581

I went for the pan-fried salmon and leek risotto and it was actually divine. I love to eat fish when I’m out as I’m so afraid of undercooking it that I end up overcooking it instead and salmon is one of my favourites. The risotto was super creamy and went with it beautifully. The glass of prosecco I had to go with it didn’t hurt either.


If you’re lucky you can get these rooms for under £150 a night but the average seems to be about £220 and Guoman offer a Best Rate Guarantee where if you find a lower publicly available rate  on another website, prior to, or within 24 hours of booking they will create a new reservation for you honouring that lower rate – well worth looking into as I found rooms for quite a bit less on Trivago.

Rooms: 4/5
4 of 5 starsService: 4/5
Value: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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