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Five Off West End Shows to see in September/October

I tend to see a lot of the bigger, flashier West End shows but since moving to London I’ve found an appreciation for smaller off West End Productions so each month I want to highlight some of them for you. I’m a bit late with this post so I’m squeezing two months into one!

THE PEOPLE VS DONALD TRUMP – The London Theatre (September 19th – 24th) £12.50/6.25

No punches are pulled in this daring and unprecedented depiction of Trump and his bullying, narcissistic, dishonest, and greedy persona, even when it comes to his own children. Everyone’s worst suspicions of how this man got elected and pushed his way to the top are realized on stage in this tragicomedy, which culminates in a criminal trial of Trump for using his office to betray the American people and enrich himself at all costs.

LUCY LIGHT – Theatre N16 (September 19th – October 7th) £14/12

Lucy light tells the story of Jess and Lucy. Starting when they’re fifteen, the play maps the journey of Lucy’s decision to have a premature bilateral prophylactic mastectomy (removal of both breasts). We follow the girls from ages fifteen to twenty six, as they develop as women, deepen their understanding of their own identities, and battle with Lucy’s knowledge of the likelihood that she will develop breast cancer.

LOOT – COLAB Factory (September 26th – October 22nd) £18.50

There’s a new job in town and it needs you. You have a choice – go to work tomorrow, drink coffee, have a meal deal for lunch or join us tonight and pull off the greatest heist in history. Have you got the orchestra stalls to pit yourself against one of the most advanced vaults in the city? There’s only one way to find out. Join Mr. Fox as he takes on the most dangerous vault keeper in London – The Accountant. Under his lock and key is the nations most unmentionable money. Stick up enemy gangs, take on laser corridors, dodge CCTV, avoid the pressure sensitive floors, but ultimately – find the loot that will make you richer than your wildest dreams. This is the job you’ve always wanted. Get into the front seat and play the part you’ve always wanted to play.

THE BOX – White Bear Theatre (October 3rd-7th) £12/10

Young lovers move into their first home with hope in their eyes and a future of promise. But the truth under the surface is far darker than they ever could have imagined. An old man is reminded of a past he can’t escape when he is visited by a face he has long forgotten. ‘The Box’ is a new and original play that explores the ugliest side of love. A tale of a toxic relationship spanning over two different time periods. When the past and present collide, there are deadly consequences. One question remains – what’s in the box?

FINDING PETER – Theatre N16 (October 24th-28th) £10/8

If there were one girl in the world who could tell you exactly what Neverland was like, it would be Wendy Darling. Some moons have passed since her and her brothers John and Michael last visited the magical island, but she hasn’t stopped telling stories about it each and every night. When one such night Tinkerbell flies through the window to let the children know it’s Peter who is in trouble this time, Wendy takes the lead in heading back to Neverland to rescue him and we’re asking you to join her on her most daring adventure yet. This is a trip to Neverland via the attic room of the Darling family home, where you will encounter pirates, Indian braves, mermaids and of course a few lost boys. Bring some fairy dust and happy thoughts as you prepare to head to the second star on the right and straight on till morning.

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