139 Copeland Road

*Disclaimer: I attended this show for free in exchange for blogging about it.
The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

In 1974 Mary Collins and her two children burned to death without a trace. Guided by a renowned psychic, we will revisit their home at 139 Copeland Road and attempt to reconnect with the past.

Last time I was in Peckham this happened. This time Google maps had me walking down the creepiest alleys and side streets as I tried to navigate my way to 139 Copeland Road, an address with a lot of mystery around it.

In 1974 the well liked Mary Collins put her two sons to bed as normal but during the night there was a terrific fire which was presumed to claim their lives. I say claimed because their bodies were never found and over 40 years later I and a few select others were invited along (thanks LDN Theatre Bloggers!) to take part in a séance where our guide Lesley hoped that we’d be able to assist him in contacting the other side.

Now I’m actually an absolute wimp when it comes to scary stuff so by the time I got to the venue I was starting to wonder if I’d made a mistake in saying yes but as I read the notes regarding paranormal happenings that had been encountered over the previous few evenings I was intrigued enough to stay and I’m very glad that I did.

What happened next I’m not going to say, as with all immersive theatre it’s something you should experience for yourself. The show is much more psychological than physical which I was grateful for and the setting was beautifully eerie which matched the atmosphere perfectly. The one thing that could use improving was the ending, it’s rather abrupt and we were left a little confused about whether or not the show was over. That said the immersion of the show was so good that I found myself Googling the address to find out more about the case when I arrived home!

The show is running until the end of November and you need to be at least 18 to attend. The show runs for just under an hour and tickets cost £25 which I do think is a little on the steep side but if you’re a fan of being scared I’d say go for it. You can purchase tickets here now.

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