Heartbreak Hotel, The Jetty


Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel, a utopia for lost souls and broken hearts. Once a diamond on the English coastline, now as dilapidated and mysterious as the characters within its walls.

A couple of weeks ago now I checked in to the Heartbreak Hotel and I will never be the same again. Sadly this isn’t a review of the latest hip hotel in London town but an immersive theatre performance at The Jetty (which also hosted The Boy Who Climbed out of His Face last year) which is fast becoming one of my favourite performance spaces, not least because it’s so close to home.

The storyline is loose in that everyone in the hotel, including us in the audience, have all chosen to join a program called ACHE (achieving creative heartfelt experiences) designed to mend a broken heart so that we may love again. Throughout your stay you catch a glimpse of other hotel guests and their own relationship issues. Some of the acting is better than others but the tales which will both make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings.

This is immersive theatre the way I like it, being a faceless audience member who isn’t actually involved in the scene. I think this makes it a great choice for those who are just getting started in the immersive genre. The only thing that was missing for me was the opportunity to roam the set of your own free will.

I had a deal from Time Out London which meant I got my ticket to the show and a glass of prosecco for £11.75 which made it exceptional value for money. The show has been extended until the 27th September and even if you’re not a fan of the show itself you will be of the incredible setup of the Jetty.

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