Nightwatchers, The Tower of London

Step into a shadowy world of state surveillance, where messages and phone calls lead you around one of our most notorious prisons; this is your induction into the art of covert investigation. The story dips between contemporary London and the most dramatic years of the Elizabethan secret service. Faith, violence and the invisible lines between truth and justice collide, and you must find your way guided by the stories of code-breakers, law enforcers and radical religious extremists. In a climate of global insecurity, NIGHTWATCHERS asks where is the line between security and oppression. Who watches the watchers?

I was lucky enough to take part in Nightwatchers just in time for Halloween. My friend Jen received an e-mail about it as she’s previously got us tickets for the Ceremony of they Keys and thought that it sounded right up my street as it was billed as immersive. The tickets sold like hotcakes but not before we had ours safely purchased making me feel super smug about getting them. While it wasn’t immersive on the same scale as The Drowned Man or Alice Underground we spent an enjoyable hour being guided around parts of the Tower by strangers via phonecalls.

The show is a nice mix of history and current affairs that really gets you thinking about how far you would go to protect your freedom and safety and I was still thinking about it the day after the show which in my opinion is the sign of a great production. The show was so successful that they’re planning on running more so keep an eye on the website for more information. I’ll also try to announce it on my social media channels too!

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