Sounds and Sorcery, The Vaults

If you’re a fan of Disney, classical music or immersive events then the team behind Sounds of Sorcery have created the exhibit for you. To celebrate the 90th birthday of the one and only Mickey Mouse the music from Fantasia has been brought even more to life with spectacular visual effects and immersive sound. For copyright reasons the man mouse himself isn’t actually included in the show but that doesn’t detract from the magical Disney vibe.

*Disclaimer: Our tickets to Sounds & Sorcery were free in exchange for blogging about my experience. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

We begin our journey calmly lying down as the classical music begins to play through the headphones and device we have been given for the show. All electronic devices must be switched off as they can cause interference and I’m sure a couple of people nearby me had not followed these instructions as there was some issues with the sound on mine at points which was mildly irritating.

From here we are set loose to explore a variety of differently themed rooms. As we cross over the threshold of each the music in our ears magically changes and we are transported into a different world. One room is home to a fantastical magic garden with human sized plants, another a volcanic wasteland with some incredible bass like vibrations adding to the ambience. 

There are a couple of live action performances sprinkled throughout which happen every 15 minutes or so. A little annoying as the pause detracts from the immersiveness of the event but well worth it. There is also a large bar area where the second performance takes place serving up some delicious gin based cocktails that change colour when mixed adding to the fun so make sure to grab a drink before grabbing a seat! 

The choreography of these two parts is stunning and the actors enthusiasm is contagious – I found myself grinning from ear to ear despite getting, shall we say, a little soggy in the first and the bar experience was my favourite of the entire show. 

Due to some timing issues we then had to wait a further 10-15 minutes before being able to progress to the finale and as the previous rooms were now closed there was nothing to be done except wait around which was unfortunate. Also while great the finale wasn’t as impressive as I would have expected in comparison to the rest of the show and personally I would have had the bar performance to be the last thing on peoples minds as they left the show.


The performance isn’t exactly cohesive which can make it a bit confusing but that said if they can iron out some timing issues the rest of the show is a fascinating example of what can be achieved with technology – the binaural sound, lighting, projections and of course the incredible set design make you feel like you are walking inside a real Disney movie and that’s all a fan can really ask for! Thanks to Love Popups London for the tickets. 

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