The Generation of Z: Apocalypse


It is 2015. London has fallen. The deadly Z virus is transforming the global population into a rabid horde of the infected. With societal structure collapsing, humanity is faced with a desperate battle for survival. The Generation of Z: Apocalypse is the immersive live experience that puts you squarely into the dark heart of a zombie massacre.

With chaos unfolding around you, prepare to be thrust into your very own action movie, where your choices directly influence the story’s narrative and outcome. Forget sitting down; this is multimedia storytelling on steroids, with no fourth wall and no interval. Every choice is life or death and survival is in your hands.

So as I mentioned previously Rob came along to Apocalypse: The Generation of Z with me a couple of weeks ago as I was too much of a wimp to go on my own. Generation is yet another immersive experience this time centered around a zombie apocalypse and I have to say it’s pretty damn good.

After being dutifully early we were the first group to go through safety briefing and entered a holding area where we were advised to wait. This was the worst part of the entire experience as we had no idea what to do, some of us looked around whereas others just stood there taking in the surroundings with no idea what was going on. Eventually another group joined us and we realised that we had to wait until everyone was in place before things began, so if you do go along don’t worry about rushing to be in the first group.

Once things actually got going it was much, much better. A lot of people were asked to complete tasks so it’s a proper hands on immersive experience and it is entirely likely you’ll get blood on you. As the story progresses you’re split into first two groups and then four each with a different leader (very much reminiscent of Alice Underground) which does mean that there are very different plot lines depending on which group you end up in.


The show lasts just over an hour but goes by in a flash before you all meet up again for a very spectacular conclusion and the chance to take selfies with the wonderfully talented zombies! By the sounds of the blurb your actions can actually change the narrative although without seeing this more than once it’s difficult to know whether this is true or not but I do know that on at least one occasion we were given a choice of what to do so it’s definitely possible.

I rushed to see this before the end of May because they were offering discounted £25 tickets for the first few weeks and they’re now priced at £35 each but there are discounts for groups of four or more. The Generation of Z is running until Dept W (69-89 Mile End Road) until the end of August and I’m hoping to be able to catch it at least once more myself before it closes!

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